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Minutes November 19, 2013

William H. Ray Elementary

LSC Meeting Minutes


APPROVED 2013-12-12


I. Call to order & Roll call


The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.



Kirsten Easterly

Gabriel Sheridan

Bruce Pickens

Don Willard

Alysia Tate

Dr. Hill



Gordon Mayer

Bill Schmidt

Matthew Christian

Patrick Brutus

Tim May

Amy […]

Minutes October 30, 2013

William H. Ray Elementary

LSC Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting for Budget Transfers


Ray Elementary School

APPROVED 2013-12-12


Roll Call – Present


Amy Levine

Gabriel Sheridan

Tim May

Matthew Christian

William Schmidt

Gordon Mayer

[Others need to be added based on sign-in sheet]


Antonia Hill, Principal


Approval of Agenda


Amy […]

Minutes – November 27, 2012 (Special Meeting)

LSC Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting


Approved 2012-12-13


Roll Call: Present for the meeting were:


Tatia Beckwith (Principal)

Joy Clendenning (Parent)

Gordon Mayer (Parent)

Matthew Christian (Parent)

Bill Schmidt (Parent)

Tim May (Parent)

Gabriel Sheridan (Teacher)

Amy Levine (Teacher, attending by Skype)

Alysia Tate (Community)

Don Willard (Community)



Absent were:

Bruce […]