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Minutes – December 8, 2016

Ray Elementary LSC Meeting Notes for December 8, 2016

In Attendance: Fran Grossman, Silvia Ellis, Megan Kruis, Ronisha Preckwinkle, Anita Walker, Sonia Vergara, Andy Carter, Eleni Lemberis, Ramona Burress, Scott Shurtliff Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm. Eleni Lemeris motioned to approve the agenda, Megan Kruis seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous […]

Minutes – November 10, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, November 10, 2016 @7:45 am, Ray cafeteria


Call to order & LSC roll call. Attendees: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Ramona Burress, Anita Walker, Eleni Lemberis (arrived after started), Sonia Vergara (arrived after started). Absent: Andy Carter, Fran Grossman, Scott Shurtliff, Megan Kruis, Total: 5, […]

Minutes – October 13, 2016; Joint with PTO

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, October 13th, @6:30 pm – Joint with PTO, Ray cafeteria


State of the School

Megan Thole: Every year, we do a State of the School in CPS to show how the school is doing. The data is from last year as we just got the info.

2016-17 […]