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Minutes- Oct 12, 2017 (Joint with the PTO)

Ray LSC Meeting Minutes – Thursday, October 12, 2017, 6:40pm  ** Joint Meeting with the PTO – Minutes represent only the LSC-portion of the meeting only**

+  Attendees:  Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Fran Grossman, Andy Carter, John Rougeau, Scott Shurtliff, and Kara Scott.   Absent: Eleni Lemberis, Anita Walker, Sonia Vergara, Ronisha Preckwinkle.  Members present 7, Quorum Met.

+  Andy moved to approve agenda. Scott 2nd.  All approved.

+ Principal’s Report:

  1. CIWP #1 Leadership and Collective Responsibility. The ILT consists of 10-14 teachers who meet about every 3 weeks (unpaid) to make CIWP and Rate its Progress.  They also help in planning Professional Development (PD)
  2. CIWP #2 Curriculum & Rigorous Student Tasks. Biggest Instructional Push is to Collaboration on Assessments and Rubric (versus an individual Teacher’s Instructional assessment)
  3. CIWP#3 Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS). Children who need extra help are getting 1 to 1 support every 5 weeks, about 30 minutes.  Trying to reach kids who need extra help and using Specials teachers when they are not teaching.
  4. CIWP #4 Culture for Learning. Attendance rate is 97.2%.  Three Staff went to full day PD on a “Calm Classroom” and shared what the learned.  Students are receiving incentives for strong transitions (hallway), all passing grades and in-class behavior.  Incentives like a Walking Field Trip to getting $1 milkshakes.  SEL:  30-minutes weekly lessons (1-2 times per week) to help with social-emotional skills.
  5. Other Updates: After school tutoring will begin as Ray received funding (formerly known as Afterschool All-Stars).  Anor is the afterschool program coordinator.  SPORT:  Volleyball, 5/6th grades won on 10/8, 7/8th lost.  We need coaches for Basketball for both girls and boys teams.  Can get paid if you apply through the Chicago Park District or you can volunteer directly.
  6. Ray was down from the increased projection from the summer.  Overall our budget was not affected.  We realized the increased projection from the summer.  The loss of funds from the 5-student difference went against a pointer position.
    1. Need a transfer from the SGSA Contingency Fund to the Day Funds to fund year-round the position of the Dean of Student Support/ Lunch & Recess position of $9,500 and also for online subscriptions of $5,000. Fran motioned to approve the transfer of these funds, John 2nd.  Passed Unanimously (7 votes).

+ Other LSC Announcements.

Andy Carter (Garden):  There will be a Family Work Day in Amanda’s Garden on Saturday October 21, 10a – 12pm.  Also my wife Diane made this embroidery artwork for Ray showing the helpful insects around the garden (Applause in thanks).

+ Public Comment:

Ken Newman (community):  Announce that Ice Skating at the Midway will open at the end of the month.  There can be free ice skating lessons using UChicago volunteers.  This is an excellent opportunity to teach kids how to ice skate.

Jim Pennymirou (Parent):  Regarding enrollment, can work be done in the Spring so there is more consistency?  Megan:  We start in the spring with asking which families will be leaving, Kindergarten and other Open Houses to encourage Registration.  We call off the Waitlist depending on the count in each grade in Spring and then monitor it throughout the Summer.

Katie Gruber (Parent):  Pre-K enrollment was bumpy this year.  What is going on?  Megan:  Yes it was.  The afternoon is still filling up.  I have been asked to be on a group to discuss the Pre-K enrollment.

+ Previous Minutes:  Scott motioned, Fran 2nd to approve previous minutes.  Passed Unanimously (7 votes)

Meeting adjourned 7:15pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott, Secretary

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