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Minutes- May 3, 2018

Ray School Local School Council Meeting, May 2018 Regular Meeting, Thursday, May 3rd @7:45 am, Ray Cafeteria

  • Call to order & LSC roll call. Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Scott Shurtliff, John Rougeau, Kara Scott, Anita Walker (after start), Sonia Vergara (after start). Absent:  Eleni Lemberis, Andy Carter, Fran Grossman.  Started at 7:50am (5 ppl.  Quorum met 7:57am)
  • Approve Agenda. Tabled until quorum
  • Principal report; votes on budget and related items.   LSC Principal’s Report & BUDGET.May2018.website

#1& #CIWP:  Confirmed 4 strategies (see Principal Report).  Met numerous times with ILT to give suggestions and feedback on strategies.  Also met with parent and community on April 12 at 3pm.

Professional Development.  All teachers will have grade-band meetings to talk with grade above and below to align curriculum and plans vertically.

Attendance rate is highest year-to-date average in 4 years.

Calm Classroom Strategies and Second Step lessons weekly still ongoing.

HR Updates: Ms. Maltz will be returning from maternity leave.  This classroom had many changes in substitutes so Ms. Papczun will stay through the week with Ms. Maltz.

May Events (see listing)

PTO Fundraising: for next year but also includes the 8th Grade Trip fundraiser (which will be June).

Ms. Walker in at 7:57am (total 6, quorum met).

First track meet on April 12 at Lindblom Math and Science Academy.

Sonia in at 8:01am  (total 7)

Budget:  115 funds: Pointer Lines – in past school could use those funds but in last 2 years, the funds returned to Central.  This year, schools can request those funds.  Don’t know if they will be released.  So currently the funds are not included in Funds Available.

We have about $40,000 in Internal Account Funds.  That is growing but we have to pay the Engineer from those funds.  Student fees are also growing for the 8th Grade students.

Seek Budget approval to move from Misc to Technology including any and all of the Benefits Pointer Funds which would amount to $72,466.

Scott Motioned to approve agenda. Anita Seconded.  Unanimous in favor.

Budget for 2018/19 School Year:  (see Principal Report).  Overall, Funds are used 100% for Salaries.  At this time, one position will not be fully funded but anticipate through Retirement and Staff changes, that all positions will be covered with about $20,000 cushion.  We are looking for about $48,000 for estimated costs of non-salary expenses.  We have other funding Sources and Teachers also do Donors Choose.

Our Budget as we received is in the following pages.  There are no staffing changes between SY18 and SY19.

Last page is the CIWP 4 Strategies.

Motion to approve budget changes as shown on page 6.  Anita motioned to approve the budget changes/ John Seconded.  Vote approved, Unanimous.

Anita Motioned to approve the upcoming budget 2018-19 and proposed CIWP.  John Seconded.  Vote was approved, Unanimous.

Anita Motioned to approve the fundraiser for May 20, roller skating afternoon.  Sonia Seconded.  Vote was approved, Unanimous.

  1. Opportunity for public comment* (*Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.)

Parent: Ash Holder.  {With cameras filming}  Parent of 1st grader.  Police called on me 4 times.  Like to talk about Parent Temporary Residential Federal Program.  Parents are not to pay for field trips. I learned this and asked for refund.  I received it.  Other resources:  Tutors per week, transportation.  No advocate or mediator which makes it hard to communicate.  First is – I will ask you to leave the building.  Second is – I will call the Police.  There is a lack of communication.   On Dec. 14.  (Danielle C donated 2 minutes).  My child was left on playground, because the person who was picking them up had car problems.  Pick up procedures need to be talked about because it is putting kids in danger.  Joseph B.  (donated 2 minutes).

  1. Vote to certify 2018-2020 LSC election results.

Scott Motioned to certify LSC election results, Anita Seconded.  Approved, Unanimous.

  • LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.  None.
  • Vote to approve previous minutes.

Scott motioned to approve previous minutes. Kara Seconded.  Approved, Unanimous.

  • At 8:30am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott (Secretary)

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