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Minutes- Mar 8, 2018

LSC Principal’s Report.Mar2018.website

Ray School Local School Council Meeting,  Thursday, March 8, 2018 @7:45 am, Ray Cafeteria

  • Call to order & LSC roll call: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Scott Shurtliff, Eleni Lemberis, Andy Carter, John Rougeau, Kara Scott, Anita Walker (after start), and Sonia Vergara (after start). Absent: Ronisha Preckwinkle, Fran Grossman (7 quorum met when began)
  • Approve Agenda. 7:50am. Scott motioned to approve Agenda. Andy seconded. All approved.
  • Principal report; votes on budget and related items.
  1. CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan): The ILT is meeting and working on CIWP. Hope to finish before Spring Break and meet with parents, community and LSC after Spring Break. CIWP guides everything, including the Principal Report.
  2. Professional Development Summit. To get teachers across the District to get together and learn, 3 times this year. Staff member to go at every one of the 3 meetings.
  3. MTSS: Met twice and continue to align MTSs practices.
  4. Attendance: continues to slip but is highest year-to-date in 4 years at 96.19%.
  5. Calm Classroom and Second Step. Continues as planned.   {Anita joined us 7:55am (total 8)}.
  6. Most exciting in Budget: They are refiguring the Budget amounts to be based on prior year numbers instead of 10th day enrollment.
  7. Applied for Grants: $26000 in STEAM from FUSE for 5th – 8th  Boeing FUSE Program. 9 schools will get it out of all CPS.  2-year grant with opportunities for renewal.
  8. March events: Progress Reports go home. {Sonia joined 8:05am (total 9).}  PARCC tests will be administered March 19 – 23.
  1. Budget: Need to approve a move of $9,551 from Misc SBB funds to Misc funds to pay for the Ricoh contract.  Scott motioned the approval, Eleni Seconded. All in favor (9).
  • Opportunity for public comment*

Megan Left the meeting so that the Principal Evaluation Process could be discussed (8 members).

  • Principal Evaluation process. Eleni motioned to go into Closed Session, Scott seconded. All Approved to go in Closed Session. (See Separate Notes).
  • LSC open session: Vote on 2016-2017 principal cumulative rating.

John motioned to come out of Closed Session, Anita seconded.  All Approved to move into Open Session

Motion:  On the Principal Evaluation, to override the Student growth score of 2.4 and make it 3.4.    Scott motioned, Anita seconded. All approved, Unanimous (8)

  • Discuss 2017-2018 principal evaluation process.

Scott:  Seems like we could do a basic survey with 2 questions rather than a really long one.  Silvia:  That sounds like a good idea.  General Consensus approved simple survey.  Eleni:  I can do Survey for the Teachers.

  • Discuss 4-year principal contract renewal process. General information was given.
  • LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable. NONE
  • Vote to approve previous minutes. TABLED
  • Opportunity for public comment*

Tina Carter from Blackstone Library.  I came to share some of the resources at our library.  Free Homework Help.  Mr. Jones is teacher in library (former teacher from Hyde Park High)  3-6p Mon – Thurs.  Brainfuse – 24hr homework help.  Storytelling, Chess Club and St. Patrick’s Day Crafts.

April 18 – Meet the Author program with Andy Carter at Blackstone Branch.

  • Meeting ended At 8:28am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kara Scott (Secretary)

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