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Minutes- Mar 9, 2017

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, March 9, 2017 @7:45 am, Ray cafeteria


  • Call to order & LSC roll call. Attendees: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Anita Walker, Eleni Lemberis, Ramona Burress, Scott Shurtliff, Megan Kruis, Andy Carter, Sonia Vergara, Ronisha Preckwinkle (joined during meeting). Absent: Fran Grossman   Total: 10, Quorum met.  Begun at 7:45 am
  • Approve agenda
  • Principal report; votes on budget and related items.

School involved in: Release Day; Progress reports are next week; PARCC tests are beginning, My Voice My School surveys are beginning for teachers, kids and parents; PBIS posters by Erielle Bakkum.  March Madness on March 31st: Student and staff games.

Ray Olympics: Screen-printed shirt (fundraiser); needs to be voted on.  International Night: see Anne Renna if you want to participate.  Wellness Committee will initiate Health Fair during Q3 Report card pickup.

Item to vote on:  Leni motioned to allow Olympics T-shirt Fundraiser, Anita Seconded; All in Favor: passes.

  • LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.
  • Opportunity for public comment*

Gabriel Sheridan: KRONOS will be replacing clerks; teachers will be in charge of their own timesheets versus clerks helping.  Help educate parents and communities about the importance of clerks.  Silvia: Is Ray affected?   Megan:  Ray doesn’t seem to be directly affected by this.

PARCC assessment; 6 states still using it.  Assessment is better beyond PARCC.  We need to think critically about what testing and why?

Ronisha Preckwinckle joined meeting (total 11).

Kirsten Eberly: Here from Medici to ask for support from school for consumption liquor license.  Liquor will only be served inside the rstaurant.  There are waivers to allow restaurants serve alcohol with school approval.  I am asking for your support as we seek a consumption liquor license.

  1. Discuss Principal Evaluation process

Silvia: Start process of survey to parents and teachers regarding principal evaluation.  We do this during Survey Monkey.  Same questions, just need to update before sending it out. We need to have results in by next meeting in April.

Second part of last year’s evaluation that includes student’s achievements which is the summative rating of 3.5.

Scott motioned, Andy seconded to approve the 2016 summative rating.  All in Favor: 11; Abstain: 1

  • Vote to approve previous minutes. TABLED
  • Adjourn

Silvia:  Let’s take a straw vote to write a support letter for Medici: Is anyone not in agreement with the spirit of the letter?  {No one raised a hand}.  Great. We will send a letter with my signature and list the members of the LSC underneath.

Respectfully submitted,

Kara J Scott

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