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Minutes- Jan 12 2017

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, January 12, 2017 @7:45 am, Ray cafeteria


  • Call to order & LSC roll call. Attendees: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Ramona Burress, Fran Grossman, Andy Carter, Megan Kruis, Scott Shurtliff, Ronisha Preckwinkle (arrived 8am), Anita Walker (Arrived 8:03am) Sonia Vergara (arrived 8:14am). Absent: Eleni Lemberis.  Total: 7 at 7:55am – Quorum met.
  • Approve agenda
  • Principal report; votes on budget and related items.

Professional Development.  Give every 3 weeks at 7:45, get a consistent group for this optional meeting.

Science – $10,000 anonymous grant from last year for.  Looking for a matching grant through PTO.  To work on Science Curriculum to align and prepare lessons.

Pilot for Technology – 10 months training to build program that will then get shared with other schools.

CIWP Follow-up  MTSS:  help with homework completion or for younger students: phonics/ vowels help.  This is before IEP to see if focused help will work with kids to get on par with peers.

Indoor Recess:  Did a lot of work over break to get a good system going with games, drawing, jump ropes.

Chicago ROAR: on anti-racism collation for the next School Improvement Day. Restorative Practices: we are receiving coaching through CPS.  This is a small team that receives the training and then we are working to share with the other teachers.

Arts Grant.  PTO Grant with Luke Albrecht will work with The Revival Theater for $15,000.  Maximum art support for art and music of $2,000 for supplies.

Afterschool:  Winter Basketball – boys and girls team.  CPS change to have games on Saturdays and for local schools.  Part to reduce costs for buses but also to build relationships; can open other resources of the school in conjunction with the games.

Staffing: Placed:  Deaf and Hard of Hearing for 6th Grade;  Maternity Leave for Science in 7th/8th replaced by the student teacher who graduated in December and knows all the kids.  Shannon White as part of HPNC is now with us in Student Support Role (as replacement for Mr. Walker).

1 position still open for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (we have a sub).

Technology:  Pilot program.  We are receiving a lot of technology as part of the program due to the partnership.  Starting to talk about services for next year.  They might continue our Pilot Services for the next year.  The cost of the service we are getting is roughly $30,000.

Budget is almost identical to December because we haven’t made any additional purchases.  We will continue to use our 115 funds which is about $7,000 until about the end of the year.

Sonia arrived (8:14am).  Ramona left at 8:14 am; Quorum still met with 10.

  • LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.

Andy (Garden):  Would like to get an automatic watering system for 57th St.  Next meeting Feb 15.

Fran:  I am working with these LSC committee.  Tonight we have our 2nd meeting with a reporter for off-the-record work.  I am not looking for trouble but it is helpful to have parents that want to talk to the media about what is going on with the school.  I will work on how to leverage Ray into these happenings.

Andy:  Pilot Light is now expanded to 5th Grade.  A10 and Yusho are leaders in this program.  If you go to these restaurants, make sure to thank them.  Amanda’s Garden had some steel parts that had fallen down.  Ken Dunn came and fixed the arches.

Megan K:  Is there a division of CPS that raises money for programs?

Fran:  I couldn’t find it.

Megan T: The Chicago Public Education Fund raises funds.  Their money right now is going to leadership: how to attract, retain, develop leadership positions.

  • Opportunity for public comment* None.
  • Vote to approve previous minutes.

July 18, November, December

Scott motions to approve the minutes, Megan/Andy seconds.  Unanimous in Favor.

  • 8:25am

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott

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