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Minutes- Feb 9 2017

Ray Elementary LSC Meeting Notes for February 9, 2017

  • In Attendance: Fran Grossman, Silvia Ellis, Megan Kruis, Andy Carter, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Megan Thole
  • Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.
  • Eleni Lemberis motioned to approve the agenda, Megan Kruis seconded the motion. LSC Unanimously approved.
  • Megan Thole provided written copies of the Principal’s report and summarized key points:
    • Described plans for how teacher improvement days were impacted by new union contract and how the days will be handled for the remainder of the school year.
    • Described progress with regards to NWEA.
    • Provided update on professional development in partnership with the University of Chicago.
    • Provided update on progress with ‘On Track’ (grades, attendance, performance) goals that are up 15% this year.
    • Described Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (i.e., intervention action plans) for children that are considered ‘Off Track’.
    • Provided update on student sports teams.
    • Described new lunch room grand re-opening (fresh paint, testing new food choices).
    • Provided update on PTO events (Promontory fund raiser, Black History month events).
    • Informed that a new off-duty officer was hired to replace previous officier who is on leave with a family emergency.
  • Discussed budget update:
    • CPS froze $30,000 in Ray funding, a relatively low amount when compared to other similar schools.
    • Funds will be released if and when an agreement with the state is made for additional funding.
    • Ray will be able to cover the loss in funding by moving funding from a different budget category (the 20th day adjustment category) and will NOT require any reductions in staff. The 20th day adjustment budget category had not yet been allocated to any specific budget spending.
  • Eleni provided an update on the professional development activities that will take place over the next several weeks.
  • Andy provided an update on the garden committee and their meeting to take place next week.
  • Silvia noted the principal evaluation process will take place in the next few months. Silvia will send information to the LSC.
  • Public comments:
    • One parent was in attendance.
    • A member from a Kenwood community group was present and introduced herself.
    • A question was raised as to how much the ROAR program would cost? Megan Thole answered it is $750 for the program + ~$2400 for hourly rates for teachers. Note, teachers may not be required to attend. Megan Thole noted it is not likely worth the cost if teachers are not required to attend.
  • Meet was adjourned at 7:00pm.


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