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Minutes- August 10, 2017

Ray LSC Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2017, 6pm

+  Attendees:  Gayle Harris Neely, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Ronisha Preckwinkle, Fran Grossman, Scott Shurtliff, Eleni Lemberis, Sonia Vergara, and Kara Scott.   Members present 7, Quorum Met.

+  Eleni moved to approve agenda. Fran 2nd.  All approved.

+ Principal’s Report:

  1. Changes in Hiring;
  2. Met with ILT (just want to note that these teachers meet over the summer without compensation) in July and will meet again in August.
  3. Tests: We have gone up a little in NWEA.
    1. What do these numbers mean if some kids are coming and going?
    2. Discussion followed as to the purpose of EOY NWEA results and also having the 3 tests over the year.
    3. Can we request to see cohort-to-cohort test results?
  4. Culture for Learning. A lot of our budget is based on enrollment.  Need to enroll 33 but changes daily.
  5. Other Updates: We received the After-School All-Stars tutoring.  Orientation for the kids on August 39, 30 and 31st.  Technology CPS Pilot Program will continue this year.
  6. Budget update. There was a deficit of (107,115).  We reduced the deficit by using Children First Fund from 2009 of $64,329 and we received an advancement of $44,000 based on Ray’s projected enrollment which will cover the deficit.
    1. We are looking for a transfer of funds to allow for the Dean of Students position of $5000 to begin the allocation.
    2. Question: What would this money be spent on if not on discipline; Scott moved to approve the change from internal accounts of $5000 to Dean of Students position.  Fran seconded.  Unanimous in favor, Passed.
    3. Question: What are the current discipline issues: Bullying and Recess;  CPD came in to discuss issues of bullying and how to use phone issues.
      1. Question on use of Chicago Police to come and discuss bullying. Isn’t this contradictory to what is happening in Chicago right now?  What is the thought process to bring them?  Response:  It is not a uniformed officer but someone
    4. PTO Approvals (Fundraisers)
      1. Eleni moved and Scott seconded to approve the PTO fundraisers. All in favor, passed.

+Other LSC Announcements?

+Other Parent Representative?   Thoughts on John Raugeaus’s candidacy. He volunteers; his daughter was in 1st grade.  He is wonderful; and patient.

Fran motioned to approve John Raugeau as a Parent LSC Member, Scott seconded.  Passed with All in favor.

+ Fran moved to approve minutes and Eleni seconded. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned 7:25pm

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