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Minutes – October 13, 2016; Joint with PTO

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, October 13th,  @6:30 pm – Joint with PTO, Ray cafeteria


State of the School

Megan Thole:  Every year, we do a State of the School in CPS to show how the school is doing.  The data is from last year as we just got the info.

2016-17 School Data:

Enrollment: 10th day had 626 students from K-8.  Adjustments from the CPS Projections is a gain of 25 students (up 5 from 2014-15).  Most of our funding is based on the per pupil per our enrollment. Student Based Budgeting improved our budget from $38,424 ($60,000 was given as an advance to balance the budget in July 2016).  Special Education, One more Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher (won by appeal in October).

Chevron.  Our Vision is that while a student is in school that part of that experience will be to experience a Love of Learning. We have 5 pillars, the support is that our students have a Safe and Caring Environment.  When students have that, they can move to experience learning in higher areas.

Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP).  You can find the CIWP on the CPS website.  Our goals are: Leadership and Collective Responsibility; Culture for Learning; Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS); and Curriculum & Rigorous Student Tasks.

That is where we are going in making Ray the best school we can.

Now we have the 2015-16 in Review:

School Quality Rating Report (SQRP):  Our school rating went up from 2+ to 1+ which is Good Standing.  We are happy to have the rating but it is not why we are here.  Our end goal is our students learning and loving to learn.    {Went through graphs use of data}.  We are the highest attainment scores in our network.  Attendance: we are just below the 95% goal for the past 3 years.

My Voice, My School Survey  we have grown in the past 3 years.

2016-17 School Wide Initiatives (some of them listed below):


+Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for academic & Behavior intervention

+Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum K-8

+Collaborative planning & grading practices across grade level, content areas and department

+ Small group/workshop-model weekly instruction for ELA/Math in pK-8th

+ 5-week rotating specials (3 days a week for 5 weeks – once/semester)

+ Algebra for 7th – 8th

+ School-based clubs/ sports: Volleyball


Ken Newman:  Is the student who needs help getting help?  Megan:  I would say the student is getting support through our MTSS model, so they would be getting differentiated learning.

Ken:  Do you have 20% of student performing at a lower level?

Megan:  I don’t know the %.  Ken: And Ray is the top in Network 9?  Megan:  For this Attainment, that means for this year.  And now it is over.

Kara:  How is the Achievement Gap being tracked and how are we doing?

Megan:  Over the national scoring, we can see improvement from the past few years.

Parent:  How was the decision made to change the specials in a cluster.  Megan:  There were a few reasons.  One reason was to give specials teachers time to build on a project.  It was impossible to do long term project when seeing a class only once per week.  Also allows specials teachers to get to know students better, rather than seeing 700 students per week.

Ms. Walker:  The atmosphere in the class is so much better; my relationship with the students are so much better.

  • Call to order & LSC roll call

Silvia, Megan, Fran, Kara, Anita, Megan K, Andy, Ramona.   Absent: Scott, Sonia, Eleni, Mosea.  Began 7:15pm

  • Approve agenda

Fran moved; Megan K seconded Approving the Agenda.

  • Principal report; votes on budget and related items.

Most of the info was addressed in the State of the School so I will skip to the Budget Approvals.  We have a budget of $38,424.  I would want these transferred to the following:

From MISC to MISC Position for Q2-4   $18,000

Ricoh Copier Contract  $10,416

Q2-Q4 Paper/ Office Supplies  $4,000

Professional Development & Substitute Coverage (for PD)  $3,000.

Totals $35,416 (Amount Remaining $3,008)

Transfer (from Internal Accounts):

From Student fees to the following:

History/Science Fair Registrations  $1,000

Online Subscriptions K-8 $4000

Coaching $5,600

Curriculum Support $3,000

Incentives  $2,000

Fran moves to approve the Budget Transfers of $35,416, Andy Seconds.  Unanimous in Favor.

  • LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable. (None)
  • Vote to approve previous minutes.

Fran moves, Megan K seconds to approve the past minutes:  June 9, July 7, August 11, August 23, September 8, 2016.  Unanimous in Favor

  • Opportunity for public comment*

Katie G:  How much of the school fees have been collected?  Can we expect to get more fees?

Megan:  All 8th grade paid, but in May.  We have about 35%

Andy:  We have a Ray Garden Day;  We will be roasting hot dogs.  October work day.

Ken:  The program Girls on the Run, will this be going on older grades?  Megan:  The organization runs and focuses on 3rd – 5th grade.  Ken:  Is there any cross country or track?  Megan:  There was not enough interest in cross country for fall, we are doing flag football and volleyball.  Ken:  We on the Park advisory board want to have a race in the Spring.

  • Adjourn

Fran moves to adjourn. Ends at 7:40pm

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