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Minutes – July 18, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

July 18, 2016 @ 6:15pm, Ray cafeteria


Call to order & LSC roll call. Attendees: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Ramona Burress, Andy Carter, Fran Grossman, Scott Shurtliff, Megan Kruis, Sonia Vergara. Absent: Eleni Lemberis, Anita Walker.   Total: 9, Quorum met.  Begun at 6:15pm.

Approve agenda. Silvia: Suggested adding 3A: Move to Closed Session if needed.

Principal report. Sonia joined at 6:25pm.

Fran:  We can vote and I also want to have a letter that goes to CPS to say this budget is unacceptable. We can write a letter.  I want something that can be picked up to write about our children but also other community children.

Scott:  I share same sentiment on CPS budgeting.  I also think we should advocate for Ray to get appropriate funds.  If you want to bring a ready wording with a specific proposal, then I will look at it.

Fran:  I hear what you are saying, and we could have something for next meeting.

Silvia:  I think we should vote because we don’t have anything ready.

Ramona:  I’d like to revisit the bucket positions because I’d rather lose a special than lose the security that Mr. Walker and Mr. Washington provided.

Megan:  I would be concerned to take the Arts Position.  I asked for an Arts Position to be funded.   Then if we cut that position…  If we close a Specials Position then they have qualifications and tenure and they could bump another teacher out.  As for the Career Services, we could vote on a small amount of money at the beginning of the year and then allocate more as we have funding available.

Megan K:  Are the Career Services also part of Restorative Justice practice?

Megan:  Yes.  Next meeting is August 11th.

Fran:  I want something that speaks to respecting our Principal and the community of kids.

Katie G:  I can help.

Megan:  All the online subscriptions (last year $15,000), no money for it.  Hyde Park Art Center, Children’s Choir.  These are the programs we cannot do to lack of funding.

Fran:  Can we get a listing of the online subscriptions?

Silvia:  What else are we losing?

Megan:  HP Arts Center – $3,600; Children’s Choir – $6,000.  We could also have them fee-based and then have a scholarship.

Vote for budget. Scott:  I motion to vote for the budget as is on page 4.  And if additional funding does not come through, we will close the grant-based Arts position.  Andy Seconded.

All in favor: 7; No: 2:  Abstain: 0.

Public Comment:

Katie G:  Went to a meeting and Sarah Karp suggested and encouraged LSC’s to support principal and also to take elected positions seriously to go public with what is happening.

Any SGSA rollover?

Megan:  We have about $12,000.

Ended Meeting at 7:30 pm


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