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Minutes- Sept 8, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, September 8th @7:45 am, Ray cafeteria


I. Call to order & LSC roll call. Attendees: Megan Thole, Eleni Lemberis, Andy Carter, Kara Scott, Ramona Burress. Absent: Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Fran Grossman, Scott Shurtliff, Megan Kruis, Anita Walker, Sonia Vergara, Total: 5, Quorum not met. Begun at 7:50 am

II. Approve agenda.

III. Principal report; votes on budget and related items.
Megan: We met a few times in August so I don’t have a lot of new information. Last week we had Professional Development (PD) that was teacher-led. We spent time on unit learning among the teachers. Also went into Science and ways to teach science.

Eleni: I learned a lot in the PD – are teachers are all professionals and were wonderful to learn with and learn from. Unit planning: some grade levels collaborate and this allowed for more grade levels to get together on their lesson plans. Math was also good.

Megan: That allowed us to start the first 2 days really well. PTO has Hyde Park Neighborhood Club help with recess and they are learning our schedule. The $25,000 from the Walk-a-Thon allowed us to hire them and get new recess supplies.

Enrollment: we monitor this every day in the summer. Regardless of that monitoring, we still do not have control over who shows up and stays at the school. As of the 2nd day we are down from the projected numbers. We are calling K, 1st and 4th grades. We called all the students who had enrolled to find out if they were coming. Some have enrolled in other schools, some have moved away, some are in other CPS schools.

Hiring: We have a new Art Teacher, Eric Beestrum; Have a substitute for KDG maternity leave. We have a substitute for PE. We have Deaf and Hard of Hearing spot to hire.
Technology – We are the one elementary school that has been selected for the pilot year of having a tech person. Our entire lab has been reconfigured and weekly support begins next week. This is all free for this year.
IV. LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.
Garden (Andy): first meeting is next Tuesday in Ms Garcia’s room. We have a work day 9/17 month with KAMII.
PPLC doesn’t have any new info.
CIWP: State of Ray for next meeting October 13.

V. Vote to approve previous minutes. TABLED

VI. Opportunity for public comment*
Ramona: How are we in the lead issue? Megan: We are good. We were tested completely and no lead was found.

VII. Adjourn. At 8:15am
Note: Remaining LSC meetings for 2016-2017 (all meetings held at Ray Cafeteria)
Oct. 13@ 6 pm (unless joint with PTO, in which case it would be at 6:30 pm)
Nov. 10@ 7:45 am
Dec. 8@ 6 pm
Jan.12@ 7:45 am
Feb. 9@ 6 pm
Mar. 9@ 7:45 am
Apr. 6@ 6 pm
May 11@ 7:45 am
Jun. 8 @ 6 pm

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