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Minutes- June 9, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, June 9th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria


  1.  Call to order & LSC roll call

In Attendance:  Fran Grossman, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Megan Thole, Jenny Wejman, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Andy Carter.  Absent:  Mosea Harris, Ramona Burress, Chris Allen, Cynthia Horth.  Begun at 6:18pm.  Have 8 (Quorum)

2.  Approve agenda. Fran Approved, Scott Seconded. Unanimous in Favor

3.  Principal report (Megan Thole)

Literacy & Math. Wrapping up testing.  First is DIBELS.  This is preliminary as not all the numbers have been inputted.  But the general trend is very positive in growth and attainment.  I want to point out the improvement in 7th graders.  Last year we lost about 25 6th graders and received 25 new students and put all these kids together.  Seeing how these kids improve over the year is really encouraging.

5th and 8th Grade student are still completing state-mandated science exam.

Attendance is 94.66%

Updates on 5 Essentials  – Positive Growth.  We still have growth in Supportive Environment.

Had Graduation Luncheon on the Odyssey.  Graduation on the 20th.

Lead-testing:  Ray’s water was tested and no lead was found.

Vote to approve CIWP and related items.  Andy Moved and Eleni Seconded. All in Favor: Unanimous.

Bell Time Changes (Needs Approval):  Got a call on Monday.  This is by no means a forced ask but we would get $20,000 (one-time) to make the switch.  What would $20,000 give us?  Examples:  1.5 staff for recess for the year;  Fine Arts, ESL to help fund positions for a year.  Online subscriptions that staff like to use for a year is $20,000;  We could provide HP Arts and Choir with no cost to students for one year.

Discussion ensued about the positive and negative aspects of a time change; also the view of the $20,000.

Scott moves to change the start time to 9:00. Eleni Seconds.  In Favor:  1, Nos: 6; Abstain: 1.  Motion does not carry.

4.  Vote to approve budget items, if needed.

We have $74,343 in funds but $32,544 is being held for CPS.  We cannot spend any money and so we cannot spend the $48,040.

5.  Opportunity for public comment* (NONE)

6.  LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.

Andy (Garden):  We will have a workday in June 20 to spread mulch.

7.  Vote to approve previous minutes.

May 5, April 14, March 10.  Scott moved and Fran Seconded to approve minutes.  Unanimous in Favor.

8. Opportunity for public comment*

Fran: Letter to CPS Board Members and CEO Claypool.  Suggest to sign it.  Have by the 21st of June.

9.  Adjourn.   Adjourn at 7:21pm.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,

Kara Scott

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