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Minutes- July 7, 2016 Organizational Meeting

Ray School Local School Council Meeting
Annual Organizational Meeting
Thursday, July 7th @6 pm, Ray cafeteria
I. Call to order & LSC roll call (Silvia). Began at 6:04p
In Attendance: Fran Grossman, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott,, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Andy Carter, Sonia Vergara, Eleni Lemberis, Megan Kruis. Absent: Anita Walker, Mosea Harris, Ramona Burress, Megan Thole. Attend: 9 (Quorum met).

II. Approve Agenda (Silvia). Andy moves to approve agenda, Scott seconds. Unanimous

III. Nominations and Selection of Chairperson (Note: At this point, the newly-elected Chairperson presides at meeting and assumes his/her new duties.) Fran volunteers Silvia, Andy Moves, Sonia Seconds. In Favor 7; Abstain 1; No-0s

IV. Nominations and Selection of the Secretary (Note: At this point, the newly-elected Secretary assumes responsibility for taking the minutes of the meeting.) Fran moves for Kara to be secretary, Andy Seconds. Unanimous in Favor

V. Nominations and Selection of the Vice-Chair [Optional]. Silvia motions for Ramona to be Vice-Chair. Eleni Seconds. In Favor: Unanimous

VI. Nominations and Selection of FOIA/OMA, if needed. .Kara motions for Ramona to be FOIA/OMA Officer. Andy Seconds. In Favor: Unanimous.

VII. Set Regular Meetings Schedule for School Year. We have two proposed schedules, both on the 2nd Thursday of the month (8/11, 9/8, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/6 (4/13 is Spring Break), 5/11, 6/8):
1. Option 1: 6 pm at Ray Cafeteria
2. Option 2: Meet at 6 pm on Aug., Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., June.
Meet at 7:45 am on Sep., Nov., Jan., Mar., May. All meetings at Ray Cafeteria.
Fran: motions that Option 2 of the 6pm and 7:45am meetings. Andy Seconds. Unanimous in Favor

VIII. Vote to approve previous minutes. TABLED.

IX. Opportunity for public comment*
Andy: I’d like to do a report on the Garden Committee. The Gardeneers are really super and they come 3 times a week to work on the garden, including water. We have a Garden Work day set for Fri, July 15. We will be moving chips and weeding. Also that I’m really excited about, and I have to give credit to Fran. About 2 years ago she put me in touch with Robert Neville of KAMII’s Garden. I’ve been doing work there and they have agreed to do a Service Day at Amanda’s Garden. He will provide 4 raised beds/ horse troughs (donation of these) and work to get those going. They will have a service day on Sat, July 30th.

Fran: Raise Your Hand is having a budget meeting with Omar Komarr on July 18 at Amundsen. I am speaking with Willie Cochran, head of LSC Relations to try and get this on the south side.
Andy: If anyone knows of volunteers who would like to water the new plants on 57h St.

X. Adjourn at 6:27pm.

*Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.

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