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Minutes- Aug 23, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 @ 8 am, Ray Cafeteria
{Postponed from Monday, 8/22 at 10am}

I. Call to order & LSC roll call.
a. Meeting began at 8:03
b. Present: Andy Carter, Sonia Vergara, Megan Thole, Ramona Burress, Kara Scott, Megan Kruis, Scott Shurtliff; Not present: Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Mosea Harris, Eleni Lemberis, Anita Walker, Fran Grossman. Total: 7 (Quorum met).

II. Budget approval
a. Budget Votes: Scott moved to approve 4 budget items. Andy seconded.
i. From Parking Lot Income to MISC Position for Q1 of $5980
ii. Fundraising to Remaining supplies teachers requested $3796
iii. From Student Fees To Paper (for Q1) of $2000
iv. From Green Schools To Ricoh Copy Overage of $2934
Unanimous approval.
b. Approval of PTO Fundraising Events: PTO proposed 5 fundraisers. Scott moved to approve. Andy seconded. Unanimous approval.
i. Charleston Wrap Candy & Gift Sale (Sept – Oct), anticipated profit: $7,500
ii. Bridgeport Coffee Sales (December), anticipated profit: $500
iii. Raise a Glass for Ray (February), anticipated profit: $3,000
iv. Walk-a-Thon (May), anticipated profit: $25,000
v. 57th Street Art Fair (June), anticipated profit: $9,000

IV. Public comment – None.

V. Adjourned at 8:06pm

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