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Minutes- Aug 11, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting
Thursday, August 11 @6:00 pm, Ray cafeteria

1. Attendance & Roll Call. Present: Silvia Ellis, Megan Thole, Sonia Vergara, Anita Walker, Kara Scott, Megan Kruis. Absent: Eleni Lemberis, Ramona Burress, Mosea Harris, Scott Shurtliff, Fran Grossman, Andy Carter. Total 6 present. Quorum not met, we cannot vote. Began meeting at 6pm.

2. Principal’s Report
a. Teachers coming back so beginning Professional Development starting to be set up.
b. Data.
i. Overall growth K-2. Also have growth relative to network. Fell in 1st grade a bit. I’m looking into it.
ii. NWEA this may be the last year. Was to move to PARCC but that is changing for some schools.
iii. We are 1st and 2nd for many grades in Network 9 in Math and Reading. We are seeing good Growth but also we want to look at  attainment. We are held to 50% by CPS but to be college and career ready one would want about 70-80% Above Norm.
c. Budget. We did balance our budget to -0- which is good. But currently all monies go to salaries. We have no extra money. We are an expensive school to run so this is tense place to be financially.
d. Enrollment. We are looking good and based on current enrollment numbers we can get about $18,000 more. There are a few classes that still could use students. Last year we received about $80,000 based on 10th day.
e. Budget Transfers From Internal Accounts totaling $14,710
i. From Parking Lot Income to MISC Position for Q1 of $5980
ii. Fundraising to Remaining supplies teachers requested $3796
iii. From Student Fees To Paper (for Q1) of $2000
iv. From Green Schools To Ricoh Copy Overage of $2934
f. Budget Items. We have Anticipated Spending of about $40,075.
g. Other Updates:
i. PTO has $10,000 from Ray University Funds. We could use these for student enrichment of Choir, Hyde Park Arts and After School Partnership fund.
ii. Schedules: Students will have PE 2/week and then have 1 special for
the other 3 days.
iii. Technology. We are on a list to possibly be a pilot for CPS technology program. They would help for one year instead of using CUIP which costs for $10,000.
h. PTO Fundraisers:
i. Charleston Wrap Candy & Gift Sale (Sept – Oct), anticipated profit: $7,500
ii. Bridgeport Coffee Sales (December), anticipated profit: $500
iii. Raise a Glass for Ray (February), anticipated profit: $3,000
iv. Walk-a-Thon (May), anticipated profit: $25,000
v. 57th Street Art Fair (June), anticipated profit: $9,000
Megan: If we could have a proposal for a special meeting around orientation days so that we have paper and some other things prior to school starting.
Silvia: I will send out a Google schedule to see if we can make a meeting on 8/22 during Orientation.

3. Public Comments:
a. Terri: There was a budget on the website which shows 601 students. Are we losing that money? Megan: We were advanced money for our estimates on the students we have enrolled now, which is 617.
b. Terri: What is the Special Ed positions situation? Megan: We lost a position due to fewer minutes for our students.
c. Terri: Dance Residency will fully fund if we go after it.

4. Ended at 6:52pm

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