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Minutes- May 5, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, May 5th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria

1. Call to order & LSC roll call

Fran Grossman, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Megan Thole, Jenny Wejman, Eleni Lemberis, Andy Carter. Absent: Mosea Harris, Ramona Burress, Scott Shurtliff, Chris Allen, Cynthia Horth

Begun at 6:20pm. Have 7 (Quorum).

2. Approve agenda

  1. Vote to certify 2016-2018 LSC election results.

Results: Parent representatives: Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Scott Shurtliff, Ramona Burress, Mosea Harris, Kara Scott, Megan Kruis. Community: Andy Carter and Fran Grossman. Teachers: Eleni Lemberis and Anita Walker. Staff: Sonia Vergara.

Fran moves to certify the LSC election results. Eleni Seconds. All in Favor: Unanimous

3. Principal report (Megan Thole)

There was a fire today in the Music Room. The CPS Facilities people will be coming to work with Chris on the Music Room and Parent Room as they did not have updated wiring.

Cynthia came in at 6:23pm (total 8).

The CIWP is what we are moving on. We are working on the up to 6 Strategies. After deciding on the Strategies, will decide Action Steps.

Testing: K-2 will take Literacy in Dibbles. NWEA for 3, 6, 8th grade. Supposed to be a Science test for 5th and 8th grade in May but currently test is not compatible with CPS computer network. We’ll see what happens.

Science PD to help align curriculum and develop unit plans.

Attendance: 94.72% Want 95% for CPS and 96% for Ray’s goal. Will have Incentives like Staff vs. Students Sport Activities.

Climate and Culture. Had the 5th grade Lock-in (from 3:45 – 6pm on 1st Floor). Had dance floor, dj, open gym, pizza. Upcoming: 4th and 6th will be having a lock-in.

CIWP: CPS wants us to have the CIWP before the end of the year. The PPLC/ILT came up with the Strategies and the LLC sub committee met to go over those strategies.

We will need to approve the CIWP in its entirety at the next meeting. That will include the Action Items.

Andy: This seems to be a nice format regarding curriculum.

Megan: Yes, it is a good format without having the split between Literacy, Math and Science.

This can also be good to see how the budget can be allocated to strategies.

Budget update: There are not any requests due to right now because we are waiting to see if CPS will request the $34500.

4. Vote to approve CIWP and related items. Tabled – don’t need to vote until next meeting.

5. Vote to approve budget items, if needed. NONE

6. Opportunity for public comment* Scratch from public and make Fran* Comment

Fran: I’m interested in linking LSC and how to get information accessible to these different LSCs. I talked to Wendy Katten about resurrecting an LSC listhost. I think we have a responsibility to know what is going on and then if you as an individual want to do something, then I can get you the HOW to do something…the right person to talk to.

I think we are well-positioned in this community and also where we are in the school and how good our principal is. And that raises our standing outside of Hyde Park.

I want to work on that.

7. LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.

Andy (Garden). Met on Tuesday and met with gardeneers who are working with 3rd graders. Work day on will make raised beds for the vegetable part of Amanda’s Garden.

8. Vote to approve previous minutes. TABLED

9. Opportunity for public comment* NONE (NO PUBLIC)

10. Adjourn at 7:15pm.

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