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Minutes- Mar 10, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, March 10th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria


  1. Call to order & LSC roll call: Present: Megan Thole, Silvia Ellis (came a few minutes late), Eleni Lemberis, Kara Scott, Jenny Wejman, Andy Carter, Ramona Burress. Absent: Fran Grossman, Mosea Harris, Cynthia Horth, Chris Allen, Scott Shurtliff. (Quorum met at 7 people) Time at 6:20pm
  2. Approve agenda. Skip til have quorum
  3. Principal report and vote on budget Items, if necessary (Megan Thole). Beginning Literacy and Math doing Actionable work. Jenny: It is good because it is understanding if the students understand the problem. CIWP, starting that work with PPLC and ILT. Interested parents are also meeting as a subcommittee to discuss the CIWP. Attendance: February increased to 95.1% so 94.8% whole-school attendance to date.

Silvia attended 6:20pm (total 8 attendees).

Culture & Climate and SEL. Had whole-school PBIS assembly (March 7) which was quite a success. The 7th and 8th grade had a mini-Lock-in on March 4. May do another event in April for 7th and 8th at the HP Arts Center.

Diverse Learners – hired Linda Radford.

Updates: Friday, March 25 as a furlough day and the other 2 will be professional development days after school ends. The principal and clerk days will be during Spring Break.

CIWP: We met to help define areas of need/ focus.

PARCC Testing will resume March 28 – May 13 for ELA/Math. Grades 3-4 are paper-based assessments and grades 5-8 are online. We are adjusting schedules to accommodate the testing to make sure students get a break and don’t get too tired.

PTA had a great Black History Event. Need to approve a Walk-a-Thon and “Raise a Glass” events.

Candidate Forum on March 31 at 6pm.

Budget: Megan was part of a conference call regarding a shortfall in budget funds to get through the end of the year. We don’t know how much Ray is affected at this time.

Eleni motioned to approve the Paper supply purchase of $1,519.74 from Commodities-Supplies. Jenny Seconded. All in favor: Unanimous

PTA: Event will be March 24. Eleni motioned and Jenny seconded to approve the PTA “Raise a Glass for Ray” fundraiser. All in favor: Unanimous. Andy motioned and Eleni Seconded for the Walk-a-thon. All in Favor: Unanimous.

  1. Discuss Principal Evaluation process and vote on related items, if needed.

Silvia: We did the survey as we did in the past. In the past :

  1. Survey out for 3 weeks.
  2. We review the results in a closed session
  3. We put the results in the CPS form.

Jenny: Didn’t teachers have a separate survey? Response: Yes but may not have a separate survey for teachers this year. Kara: We’ll review the new questions regarding that.

  1. LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.
    1. School climate (Megan) Had parents meet last week regarding regarding the Family Resource Room: Katie and Mary and Terri.
    2. PPLC. Jenny: Speaking of CIWP, we spoke of differentiation and MTSS, school-wide reading curriculum and also professional development priority. We submitted everything we wrote to Megan and will discuss at our next meeting. Megan: There are a lot more goals to choose from with choosing 4 categories with 20 goals under them. Then all other things fall under those.

End of March have to goals chosen, April will have the goals and then LSC will discuss and vote in May.

  1. Gardening. Andy: Had garden committee met this week and had a number of applicants, and we chose 4. Erika Allen will assist with Gardeneers. We are moving along with discussion with what can be done with the front of the school but do not have specific plans.
  • Vote to approve previous minutes.
  • Andy moved, Jenny seconded to approve February minutes. All in favor: Unanimous

    1. Opportunity for public comment*

    Ken Newman: Wooded Island continues to be renovated and there will be tours 2/month on Saturdays. There will be 4 schools that are closed that will become parks: Powell (S Shore Drive).

    As someone who plays hockey, I was hoping Ray would show up for hockey during PE or afterschool. Bixler Park Advisory Council is hoping to meet next month during the LSC meeting. Is there going to be a girl’s soccer team? Megan: Don’t know yet, based on student interest. Last year we had girl’s and boy’s track.

    Ken: Just saw a documentary on the Dunes which was amazing and hope that Ray will see this in an assembly for 2nd grade on up. JPAC meeting on Monday.

    Anne Renna: I’m glad to see the extra people in vests out monitoring the school-yard before and after school.

    Shannon (Corporate Accountability International): I came in January to share about our fight against junk food marketing. I wanted to give you an update. We gathered about 500 petitions in Hyde Park and have about 40 in a coalition who have signed up and will have a media event at the end of the month at the Board of Education. Ms. Hines met with us and she is excited but needs to hear from individuals and constituency groups. We need to hear from groups and we have a pledge if you want to look at it and sign and see what it is.

    1. Adjourn. Eleni motioned and Andy seconded. All in favor: Unanimous. Ended at 7:13pm.

    *Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.

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