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Minutes- Feb 11, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting

Thursday, February 11, 2016 @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria


  1. Call to Order & LSC Roll Call: Present: Megan Thole, Silvia Ellis,, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Kara Scott, Jenny Wejman, Andy Carter, Mosea Harris, Cynthia Horth. Absent: Fran Grossman; Chris Allen, Ramona Burress. Quorum at 9. Time began: 6:20pm
  1. Approve Agenda. Eleni Moved to accept Agenda, Jenny seconded. In Favor: Unanimous.
  1. Principal’s Report and Vote on budget Items, if necessary (Megan Thole)

I’ll move to the Budget and then come back to discuss CIWP priorities. On Tuesday, we were called to a Principal’s meeting where they discussed how the cuts were going to happen. They are making cuts in a two-prong approach. One is the Student-based budgeting ($53m) and the seconds is straight across the board ($35million) to offset the total of $88million deficit. To offset costs, they are redistributing funds supplemental Title 1 and Title 2 funds. CPS held extra SGSA funds. Earlier in the year Ray expected to get the extra SGSA funds based on the population. Instead, those were held.

The impact of the $50M is $126/student which equals $80,528 for Ray. That is offset by Title II discretionary funds of $34,478 (a recalculation of the formula) and also offset by the SGSA Carryover from FY15 of $19,367. That leaves an impact of $26,684. The Student-based budgeting impact is $88 per student which is $56,355. Combined Impact of both adjustments is a decrease $83,039 to Ray’s budget (26,684+56,355).

Position Pointer holds funds for any changes in position. The available funds (now we are in February) we have about the $80,000 in position and benefits that can be applied to this impact.

Scott: To sum it up, it sounds like we are spending our buffer money. Now what happens if something else goes wrong? What would happen?

Megan: We do have some other funds available that we could use in the box of Available Funds.

Cynthia: When do they need this money?

Megan: On Tuesday – this Tuesday.

Scott: Thanks for the clear explanation. And I move that we approve this.

[Funding sources from Megan’s report show the $83,039 coming from following: SBB Regular Position Pointer of $38,116, SBB Benefits Pointer of $43,492 and SGSA Miscellaneous of $1,459.62.]

Seconded by Jenny. All in Favor: Unanimous

Megan: We are in the third and last year of 3 copiers from Ricoh. This is rental, service and toner.

Andy Motioned to approve the use of $5,816 to pay for the contract, Jenny seconded.

All in Favor: Unanimous.

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment* – about the Budget.

Ken Newman: Whether it is classroom supplies or re-paving the asphalt on the playground. Do you have money for this? And field trips?

Megan: Yes we have some money for supplies and for field trips.

  1. Vote on LSC candidate forum date and any other related items.

Silvia: There were a few dates but it sounds like March 31 is the best day.

Andy moves that the LSC Forum be on Thursday, March 31 at 6pm. Mosea Seconds. All in favor: Unanimous.

  1. Vote on moving May LSC meeting from May 12 to May 5 in order to approve LSC election results within CPS timeframes.

Andy moves to make the LSC meeting from May 12 to May 5th. Jenny seconds. All in Favor: Unanimous.

  1. LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable. (LSC committees include communications , school climate, CIWP, budget, PPLC, facilities, gardening, safety & security)
  1. Communications (Cynthia). Do you feel for communications? Let me know.
  2. School climate. None.
  3. CIWP. (Kara) Next meeting will be Wed, March 2, 9am.
  4. Budget. None.
  5. PPLC. Jenny: We had a great day on Friday. Luke Albrecht did a great presentation on math. The literacy committee gave great work and the whole day was a great Professional Development day.
  6. Facilities. None.
  7. Gardening. Andy: Applications were accepted for the garden plots. We will be looking at those
  8. Safety & security. None.
  1. Discuss Principal Evaluation process and vote on related items, if needed.

Silvia: This is a new process and so we need to decide how we are doing this.

  1. Vote on Previous Minutes.

November 12

December 10

January 14

Andy moves to approve the minutes from the three meetings. Mosea seconds. All in Favor: 8; No: 0; Abstain: 1.

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment*

Ken Newman: Bixler Playlot Park Advisory Council. Could we use the space at Ray for a monthly meeting. Maybe during the LSC meeting?

Megan responded: Yes we can see if something will work for that.

Nichols Park: The University will put some money to revamp the playgrounds.

Midway: Should try and have some skaters during school or after school.

Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce: Meeting February 17 at A10. Opportunity to speak to the business community about the budget cuts.

Bret Harte: I’m concerned about the new construction project that will affect Bret Harte. This may impact Ray.

  1. Adjourn. Meeting ended at 7:23 pm. Mosea moved; Jenny Seconds. All in Favor.

*Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.

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