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Minutes- Nov. 12, 2015

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Monthly Meeting, Thursday, November 12th at 6:15p, Ray library


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call. Meeting begun at 6:21pm. Attendees: Scott Shurtliff, Eleni Lemberis, Jenny Wejman, Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Kara Scott, Chris Allen (at 6:25pm), Cynthia Horth (at 6:25pm). Quorum not met when began at 6:21pm. Ramona Burress attended via phone (but cannot vote). Absent: Andy Carter, Mosea Harris, Fran Grossman.

  2. Approve Agenda. TABLED
  3. Principal’s Report (Megan).

Attendance: Our percentage is higher in EVERY grade relative to SY2014-15. Also we are on a 3-week upswing! Diverse Learners: filed appeal on the budget cuts and waiting to hear final result. [Chris & Cynthia came in at 6:25pm. Quorum met, with 8 members.] Budget: The district is facing $480 million dollar budget shortfall. The effect on all schools would be on February 1, 2016 and could affect Ray’s staff and class size. You can find information about the CPS budget at the following link:


And CPS “Take Action” information: http://cps.edu/Pages/TAkeAction.aspx

Silvia: This is unrelated to Student-based budgeting, right. Megan: Yes this is part of the state budget which has not been voted on for this school year. Discussion ensued on this subject: this is a political stalemate; would the state really go until February without a budget (and its ramifications); should the LSC tell parents what to do (ie call Congressman); the LSC should be tactical in its approach (make the scenarios IF this should happen).

Megan: There is a meeting on Monday, with the Bronzeville CAC regarding the budget shortfall.

Megan: SQRP. We are a 2+ again this year. We had some growth but we still have more to go. We care about our student performance and attendance. But we want to acknowledge that we are more than these data points. The CIWP is updated to show our plans on how to improve these scores.

  1. PTA fundraising proposal and related votes, if necessary.

Megan: We have 2 PTA fundraisers. The first is a coupon book sale. Cost $25. Total sales expected $3,000. Total income expected is $1,500. Second is a mini-holiday Book Fair before the holidays. Total expense would be $100. There would be no income but the teachers would get book bucks for their classroom.

Scott motions to approve the 2 PTA fundraisers. Eleni seconded. Vote in favor: Unanimous (8).

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment* NONE.
  2. Discuss new Principal Evaluation training. Silvia: I looked for the new module but couldn’t find it for the notebooks. You can take the tutorial and will need to complete training. It is a new evaluation process so the prior process we had (ie principal survey) won’t line up with it. It is also an online portal for use. There should be a committee in January to look at how to evaluate this year. The principal rating from the LSC is due to CPS by May 1. Scott said he was interested.

Silvia: There is joint PTA meeting planned for next month (December). With the budget meeting, it may not be the best discussion for a joint meeting. Discussion: should we still have a joint meeting? In the end, it seems like we are going forward with a joint meeting in December amid the budget concerns.

Megan: There is a PTA meeting next Thursday. I can speak about the budget concerns before the PTA meeting to address parents.

  1. Committee Reports :
    1. Communications (Cynthia Horth). NONE.
    2. School Climate . NONE.
    3. Partnerships (Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis). NONE
    4. CIWP (Kara Scott). NONE
    5. Budget (Kara Scott). NONE
    6. PPLC (Jenny Wejman): We had a great meeting this morning. We talked about having 3 samples per class to make a continuum of writing over the different grades.
    7. Facilities (Christopher Allen). Talked to contractor for the guys who are doing the parking lot. CPS pays for the lot only. Anything extra like the north playground and east playground. It would be about $300 for every time he would come out. Or we could do a estimate over 5 times. It is me and the custodial staff who do the sidewalks. So we are seeing what the custodial staff is supposed to do at night.

Kara: Could they do the back sidewalks if we paid them extra? Chris: Yes.

  1. Gardening (Andy Carter). NONE
  2. Safety & Security (David Adams). NONE
  1. Opportunity for Public Comment*

Ken Newman: Memo sent out about Volleyball Girls getting cut. How was Girls on the Run? Jenny: It was good. Ken: There are a lot of bad boilers around the district. Potential on teacher cutting: How is it based? Megan: Based on seniority. Ken: CAC next Thursday at Kenwood. I’ve been in discussions on the local rail line. Are you in discussion with CPS on hazardous material plans and evacuations? Megan: We have evacuation drills and most deal with going to the University of Chicago.

  1. Approve Previous Minutes

July 10th (Organizational Meeting); September 10th, and October 8th.

Eleni motions to approve all the minutes. Jenny seconds. Vote in Favor: Unanimous.

Kara: The PTA is testing out a fundraiser that would be an evening out at the Promontory. To meet the minimum costs, we would need to sell about 100 tickets, about $40/ticket. Do you think you (each LSC member) could sell about 5 tickets? {General consensus that, yes, those could be sold but no complete answers}.

Jenny: I think you sell at least 100 tickets. There is a lot of money that could be gotten through this sort of event. It is great for community building as well as a fundraiser.

  1. Adjourn at 7:40pm

    Approved 2/11/2016

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