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Minutes- Jan. 14, 2016

Ray School Local School Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, January 14th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria


  1. Call to Order & LSC Roll Call: Attendees:

Megan Thole, Silvia Ellis, Ramona Burress, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Kara Scott, Jenny Wejman, Andy Carter, Mosea Harris, Fran Grossman

Absent: Chris Allen, Cynthia Horth. Quorum at 10

Time began: 6:15pm

  1. Approve Agenda. Scott motioned to approve agenda; Kara seconded. Unanimous
  1. Principal’s Report and Vote on budget Items, if necessary (Megan Thole)

Profl Development: Teachers are meeting in grade-bands. #4 – Attendance: Cold Month Push. We are aiming for 96% attendance. #5 – PBIS: Students will use their words and their pictures to develop posters for positive behavior at the school. Led by a parent who is a professional photographer. School Improvement on how we all work well together. #6 – Diverse Learners: Hired one and interviewing two positions.

?: Kara – Regarding the vertical band learning: Besides the Curriculum being discussed, is Play and amount of play begin aligned in the pre-K and moving to K? Megan: That took place last year and then we bought Play items for K. That can be addressed in the future.

?Andy – Is there still training for middle schoolers to take responsibilities in the school? Megan: Yes we had some last year and will have training coming up. There is MTSS Check In/ Check Out. There were kids in Check in, graduated from it and now are mentoring younger students.

Megan: Sports: Our Boys Basketball record is 4 wins, 2 losses; Girls Basketball 3 wins, 1 loss.

Budget: We do not have any update. CEO Claypool said that it seems like the first cuts will be at the Central Office and not at Network or at the schools.

Incentives: Book reports and holiday initiatives of service.

LSC: Applications are open for the upcoming LSC election and there is also a need for Election Judges.

Nutrition: Ray won a $1,000 grant to Re-brand Breakfast. Will do artwork in each class regarding this. Eastman Egg reached out to us to see if every child will have a free breakfast from a food truck. After will have a 45-minute lesson on nutrition and eating choices.

Fran: How can we make sure each student is valued? Because the Spelling Bee is not exactly something everyone can be rewarded with? Jenny: In PBIS, part of it was to get each child to be awarded for Student of the Week. Also the Book reports could be done by any one as well as attendance and spirit day.

Megan: There is also Buddy Classrooms and once a week, the students from the 2 classes get together to read or do a project.

Mosea: What happened to the science fair? Megan: We didn’t have all the judges show up so we have to finish the judging and that is due by the end of February.

Megan: PARCC. You can find the whole school data on the ISBE website from last year.

Composite: We are higher than the district and comparable to the State of Illinois. Excited that 3rd – 8th, in Reading, Writing and Math, we were the same as the highest score in either the State or District or out-performed. By the end of the testing period, in 7th and 8th grade only, about 60% were taking the test (40% opted out).

Fran: Is it possible to ask someone from the Board to come talk with us regarding these tests? It is a lot of time, money, test-time with both the PARCC and NWEA.

Megan: I can reach out to a Test Coordinator to see. Is there a specific question on the test?

Fran: Is it possible to have a Community meeting on the value of the PARCC?

Mosea: As an LSC, I don’t understand how the money is assessed, and how is it allocated? Is it an optional test if people can opt out?

Megan: It is not optional. Students can opt out but a school cannot. A district must have a certain percentage of the students to take it.

Kara: I’d like to know the hours per grade on testing that Ray students have.

Megan: We have an adjustment with student population with the Family Income reports where we received extra money on those. We got incremental adjustment of $12,275.62. My request for these funds is $5,000 for substitutes teachers in their classrooms while the teachers can do professional development.

Scott: I’m an advocate for professional development because I think it makes teachers better. I also think that it helps retain teachers. I would like to see more context for the fund requests. Maybe what was spent last year and what plans for the future.

Megan: That is part of the reports every month.

Andy: I Motion to move the funds; Ramona seconded. In favor: 9; No: 1; Abstain: 0. Motion passes.

Discussion: Ramona: I think $5,000 is not much for professional development for the amount of teachers.

Fran: I’d like to know what the professional development for SY 2016-17 and what would we get for it? What really happens in professional education. Can we get a report for the year?

Andy: If we receive extra money, it makes sense that this transfer would be appropriate for professional development.

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment*

Shannon, Field Organizer with Corporate Accountability International: We are organized to stop the predatory marketing of McDonalds in Chicago public schools. We are in the middle of a diet epidemic where the young kids are faced with Type 2 Diabetes. I have petitions and school petitions and will hand them to the Board in April. We have a campaign kick off, this Tuesday and would love to have someone there.

7:10pm: Scott departed (9 members, Quorum met).

  1. LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.
    1. Communications. None.
    2. School climate. None.
    3. CIWP. None.
    4. Budget. None.
    5. PPLC. Jenny: Joined with ILT, we are working on Grade-band meeting. There is great teacher voice on what we want to do to help our teaching.
    6. Facilities. None.

Mosea: The snow is not removed by the afterschool window. So to get a child, you have to go through piled-up snow.

Megan: I’ll talk to Chris about that. We also signed a company for $300 per plow for the 2 playgrounds.

  1. Gardening. Andy: We have 4 plots next to Amanda’s Garden as a Community Garden. We have been working on an application process for those plots. Anne will put it on the internet.
  2. Safety & security. None.
  1. Opportunity for Public Comment* None.
  1. Adjourn. At 7:30 pm.

*Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.

Approved 2/11/2016

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