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Minutes- Dec 10, 2015

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Monthly Meeting:  Joint Meeting with PTA and LSC

Thursday, December 10th at 6:15p, Ray Cafeteria


  1. Call to Order & LSC Roll Call:

Attendees: Megan Thole, Silvia Ellis, Ramona Burress, Andy Carter, Mosea Harris, Cynthia Horth, Eleni Lemberis, Scott Shurtliff, Kara Scott, Jenny Wejman

Absent: Fran Grossman, Chris Allen.

Time began: 6:15pm

  1. Principal’s Report (Megan Thole)
    1. Professional Development in Literacy Math and Science. Teachers have been leading Professional development in the last month.
    2. Attendance. 95.17% to date.This is stronger than last year. Took a hit because of the security threat of last Monday. We were at 96%. Working with CPS to see if that day will be excluded.
      1. Parents could call the Network and CPS, as a parent to say why Monday should be excluded as an attendance day.
      2. Ms. Neely has taken time to make sure we have good staff attendance as well.
      3. Next week we will have a lot of fun things to engage students to also help attendance.
    3. MTSS & PBIS. This is ongoing.
    4. Diverse Learners: Earlier this year we filed an appeal to ask for the special education position that was cut. We also asked for more paraprofessionals. We received the positions right before Thanksgiving. We have hired 2/5 positions. We will try and have them start in January with us.
    5. Budget – We have not heard from CPS. CPS said we will hear in December but as of now, the 10th day, we have no new information.
    6. Lost and Found: We have 4 huge trash bags of lost and found…nice stuff. We will have a few parents that will sort so you can review it during the Assemblies. Please pick through the Lost and Found.
    7. LSC elections are this year with signup by March.
    8. Safety. There was a carbon monoxide issue at a CPS school a few months ago. We have carbon monoxide detectors in the boiler room but now have 15 placed around the school as well.

The University of Chicago threat last Monday (11/30). We tried to get the information to everyone as well as we could as no one was at the school (Sun evening). We put the information in the eNews and on the website. We did not have access to the robocalls. We had a “soft” lockdown which meant kids played inside and that doors had to stay closed. We also had a lockdown drill on 12/10.

(LSC portion paused during PTA section and speaker).

  1. PTA Meeting (Nichole Guillory) –

This is our first joint PTA/LSC meeting. Thanks for the LSC. As most of you know, Jane Averill passed away. She was a beautiful woman. We do not have any information on the memorial service but it will be posted on Good Neighbors. Also check out the Art Gallery that was inaugurated today, the Jane Averill Art Gallery.

Paula: Black History Month (February 25). We have a planning meeting next week, want new opinions.

Fund-raising. There are a lot of fundraisers going on: Holiday Book Sale, Food Sale.

IV. PTA Speaker: Devorah Heitner, Raising Digital Natives:

Misconception: I just don’t get this.

Truth: I don’t have to know everything. (Know: who are they playing with? Does Minecraft stress them out?

Misconception: I know it all.

Truth: They need our help. They may be tech savvy but are new to the social pressures. They need our wisdom and guidance. No one is asking them what it feels like to grow up with this technology.

Mentors: Want to teach kids to do the right thing. (digital should enhance our lives, and when it doesn’t, we need to put it away). Also time to get past the “Prevention.” Time to move on to “what happens when” ie your child sends a text to a friend that hurts them.

Our parents had more opportunity to model good phone behaviour than we do. Usually there was one phone in the kitchen. Need to model to your kids: how to text, what it is good for, when to turn it off OR when not to text your friends (when they are eating or sleeping). Help set boundaries when their friends are not available.

Mentors: Are curious about kids lives.

If a child wants a game, why? Because their friend has it? It seems cool? Someone mentioned it? Why? Ask them.

Photos. Can teach your kids the etiquette of taking photos and ASKING them before sharing it or taking the photo.

Mentoring Over Monitoring.

Encourage creativity over consumption. If the kid is creating something, it is not the same screen time as just watching a kids show on the screen. A 3rd grader may make a movie with a cell phone. What are they interested in? Have them do it then. “Super Awesome Silvia” for science experiments.

Don’t over-rely on monitoring/blocking etc.

Every Day is Picture Day. Be aware of how much is okay. If you have strong feelings about pictures, you will need to share it.

Birthday Parties. As kids gets older, and choose friends for parties, then learn how not to share on network.

Digital Footprint: Everyone now will have a digital footprint. So use it to make it awesome. Share the positive stores about digital footprint, they will already hear the negative ones. This will encourage them to make a good digital footprint.

Understand the Landscape: Mobility.

Understand when and where they have the phone. Take it before they get to the bedroom.

Distractions: Kids are easily distracted. You can ask them for ideas.

Social Media.

Under 13, not supposed to be on. If they set up the account, they should show their privacy settings and their account.

  1. Geotagged (revealing your location whenever they take a picture). **company info or for other people
  2. Public versus private.

Keep the conversation going and keep looking at the settings because they might change as the kids grow up.

Check in with yourself and check in with your kids: Is Social Media making you/ your child happy? If not, TURN IT OFF. The use of Social Media is ENHANCEMENT.

Help Kids identify and observe boundaries. Learn etiquette, for calling, texting, emailing, etc.

Make sure you teach kids how to check voicemail.

Repair. A face-to-face apology goes a long way. Work interpersonal issues out in person.

Remind kids to “be here now” and not to use overuse phones in social situations – MODEL this behavior.

Know the CREEP Factor. If a player wants to know too much info, then have an alarm.

Kids are tech savvy but we have Wisdom. USE IT.

Don’t be negative about Digital World because it is a part of your kids lives. You tell your kids that all the simple things have been solved by apps: Where to park, get a reservation at a dinner. Those are solved. But we have important things now to solve: we are running out of water, education for all kids.

  1. Anna Spinoza, Representing the new Dyett High School.

Our new principal. Arts High School. Will open this fall to 150 students. Digital Media, Art and Dance. Instrumental, theater. Working on an AP aspect. Community center will be there to allow the community to use digital media.

LSC Meeting (continued from Principal’s Report).

Time Began: 7:30pm.

VI: LSC announcements, including committee reports if applicable.

  1. Communications – None
  2. School climate – None
  3. Partnership (Silvia): Working on the new comedy space, The Revival on 55th as an after-school activity. Also we could use a Social Climate committee chair.
  4. CIWP
  5. Budget
  6. PPLC (Jenny): We are trying something new by joining the PPLC and ILT and combining forces. We have one meeting.
  7. Facilities
  8. Gardening (Andy): The Garden committee received the SECC award for the trees. There was a reception for that award. Anne Renna and Marcy Schlessinger were wonderful in getting that grant. The gardening committee meets once a month.
  9. Safety & security
  1. Opportunity for Public Comment*

*Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.

Ken Newman: JPAC tour of Wooded Island. Andy Carter was there. Now you can believe him on all the wonderful things that are happning.

Andy: Hopefully in Spring in will be open. It may be great opportunity for Ray students.

Ken: Sat, Dec 19, South end of Wooded Island, another walking tour.

  1. Adjourn

Silvia: Thanks for the PTA for sharing resources, for Devorah Heitner for speaking.

Ended meeting at 7:36 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott, Treasurer

Approved 2/11/2016

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