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Minutes- Sept 10, 2015

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Minutes: Thursday, September 10th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria

  1. Call to Order & Roll Call

Began at 6:25pm. Attendees: Megan Thole (at 6:30p), Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Ramona Burress, Andy Carter, Fran Grossman, Eleni Lemberis, Kara Scott, Scott Shurtliff, Jenny Wejman. Attendees: Absent: Chris Allen, Mosea Harris, Cynthia Horth. Total: 8 (Quorum met).

  1. Approve Agenda

Andy moved to Approve Agenda, Eleni Second.

  1. Principal’s report & vote on budget Items, if necessary (Megan Thole). TABLED after committee reports.
  2. Committee Reports : **Written Communiques Also Available for some Committees**
    1. Communications (Cynthia Horth). (Nothing)
    2. School Climate. Nothing
    3. Partnerships (Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis). Busy with partnerships. There are a few new programs. “Boys on the Right Track” is the new boys running program similar to Girls on the Run. We Got Game is another program for soccer and basketball for K-4th Grade.
    4. CIWP (Kara Scott). Nothing.
    5. Budget (Kara Scott). Nothing.
    6. PPLC (Jenny Wejman). We are going to have Benchmarks for Writing. We are planning to have a school-wide Rubric for Literacy.

Also, we talked about having a Technology Committee with teachers and maybe Parents because we don’t have a Tech person. There was a vision to hopefully have someone in the lab with working computers. Maybe a committee of invested stakeholders is a way to reach that.

  1. Facilities (Christopher Allen). (Nothing)
  2. Gardening (Andy Carter). We have a new garden in the Southwest corner here. We are lucky to have both Ms. Garcia and also Marcy Schlessinger, a past Ray parent and community member. She helped with the SECC grant to beautify Ray. Upcoming events, on the 22Nd: Perennial plants. 24th (1st PTA meeting) we will celebrate the new garden. Sat, Sep 19 will be a work day in Amanda’s Garden with the Boy Scouts coming, 9a -12p.

Megan came in (Quorum 9)

  1. Safety & Security (David Adams). We are running the Kiss-N-Go and are missing Don. Looking for volunteers. I’ve talked with Ms. Breit to try and use students with the student council. I have something else. Last year with the snow, the school yard was a mess. I want to know what can be planned now for what is soon coming with the snow.

Silvia: Yes, we should plan now for the snow. Whether it is getting necessary equipment or clarifiying what needs to be plowed.

  1. Fran Grossman: I want to also share the experience with NAC. But to the snow, it occurs to me that Jack Spicer who lives down the block who may have equipment to clear the sidewalks along with the condo on the block who probably have equipment.
  • Principal’s report and vote on budget Items, if necessary (Megan Thole).

Megan: Page 1 – is our CIWP Priorities. We just got off from a successful week of PD (Professional Development). Chevron/ Arrow doc → Kids leave Ray with a love of learning. I’ve include the standards for Literacy and Math here. Also at the end of Math, we are partnering with CEMSE to give sustained instruction for teachers. The CEMSE Partnership Proposal is a product of what we were looking for. We have $20,000 of the $50,000 of this proposal thanks to the Oppenheimer Family Fdn which has worked with other CPS schools (but usually to the tune of $2,000).

Fran: I think you, Anne Renna and Andy Carter should be congratulated to bring this to fruition. This is a wonderful project for Ray, its teachers and ultimately the students.

Megan: #3 is Science. We have a lot of new standards in science. We were able to buy new & supplemental science kits for K-8. #4: Attendance – we are monitoring and will call our waitlist if we need to. #5. SEL. PD for instructors and SEL trainings. Budget: Currently we have $108,570 in Student Based Budget (SBB, 115).

Andy left at 7:10pm (Total: 8).

Scott: Looking at the Projected Enrollment: we could be crowding our classrooms for an additional $213,000. Do we need to call kids for that reason?

Megan: If we kept the 601.5 enrollment, we would probably have to cut an instructor. Our goal is to normalize the classrooms at about 25 students per class. As we called off our waitlist in the summer, it was to try and get 25 kids per class. We are not calling kids now but are monitoring in case we need to do so. Scott: Yes, I guess there is an optimal number for both budget and classroom numbers. My concern is calling to get 5 extra kids per classroom when we have the money we need. 5 extra kids is a lot more kids.

Silvia: So if we don’t get our enrollment up there will be no extra money for something like Youth Guidance.

Megan: We need approval to buy the supplemental math workbooks. I’ve included the purchase order.

Scott: I move to approve $3,452.80 for the purchase of Math Home Link Books and additional 2nd grade comprehensive books made from internal accounts. Jenny seconded. Voted In Favor: Unanimous (8).

Megan: LSC has to also approve fundraisers for the school. I’ve included the information on fundraising but specifically the PTA would like to begin their Innisbrook fundraiser with candy and gift sales.

Eleni Moved and Jenny Seconded to approve the PTA fundraiser for the Innisbrook sales: Voted in Favor: Unanimous (8).

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment*

Sabrina (parent): What are Title I funds? What do we need to get a Healthy Meal program? I tasted the breakfast pancakes that my son had and it was all sugar. Is there any way we can get healthy foods?

Megan: The Title I Funds are federal funds for additional government funding for schools. For the Healthy foods, there is a program for healthy foods. But for breakfast, it just falls under the contract provider. It would not fall under the Healthy Food Program.

Sabrina: Does each school have a separate insurance liability or is It per school.

Megan: It is an overall insurance for all of CPS. If someone rents the school, they get a separate policy.

Kenneth Newman (Class of ’72): I’m very concerned with middle-school sports. Am I right that “Girls on the Run” costs $85?

Jenny: This is a national program and everyone has the opportunity for scholarship.

Kenneth: Is there going to be soccer?

Megan: We will take a survey of students to see who is interested.

Kenneth: Wooded Island is going along well. There are tours. It’s becoming a very exciting place for science and nature. Come by the JPAC meeting this Monday.

  1. Approve Previous Minutes

Fran move to approve June 11, July 23 and July 31st minutes. Scott seconded. Voted in Favor: Unanimous.

  1. Adjourn. Ended at 7:30p Minutes approved November 12, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott

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