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Minutes- Oct 8, 2015

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Thursday, October 8th @6:15 pm, Ray cafeteria


I.            Call to Order  & Roll Call. Attendees: Scott Shurtliff, Jenny Wejman (arrived at 6:20p), Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Mosea Harris, Megan Thole, Eleni Lemberis (arrived at 6:30pm), Ramona Burress, Kara Scott, Cynthia Horth, Andy Carter. Absent: Fran Grossman, Chris Allen. Begun: 6:15p. Total: 8 (Quorum met).

II.            Approve Agenda

Mosea moved to approve the agenda, Ramona Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (8).

Jenny arrived at 6:20p (Total: 9)

III.          Vote on Budget Items if necessary (Megan Thole) – Principal Report not included as it was presented in the Open House immediately before the LSC meeting Eleni came in 6:30p (Total: 10 members)

Megan: We received $79,916 in SBB (student-based budgeting) for enrollment. We thought it would be $110,000 so we are appealing to receive those monies.

Scott: The discrepancy is based on what Ray calls Special Ed vs. what CPS considers Special Ed Students.

Megan: Proposal for the 115 funds (pg. 3 on Principal Report). The $79,916 funds would be distributed as follows: $56,000 for Safety/Security Personnel; $10,000 for Technology Support -CUIP; $3,600 for Hyde Park Arts (5th-8th); $5,000 for Professional Development; $5,316 for Supplies.

Scott motioned to accept the Spending Proposal of $79,916. Andy Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (10).

Internal Accounts proposal (on pg. 5 of Principal Report) of $8,550 for Ray Staff-Led After-School Proposal for the year; and $3,500 to supplement the Ray partnership programs after school (the goal of which is to have a student “pay no more than $8 or $10 per class”); and $3,000 for Reading Materials (K-8).

Andy motioned to move $8,550 for after-school programming. Eleni Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (10). Kara motioned to move $3,500 from internal accounts for supplementing Ray’s partnership programming after school. Cynthia seconded. Vote in favor: Unanimous (10) Scott moved to approve $3,000 for Reading Materials. Andy seconded. Vote in favor: Unanimous (10).

Silvia: How much do you want to spend from internal accounts?

Megan: We had an audit done on internal accounts. They suggested to spend all but 20% of the account. We as an LSC can decide what the internal accounts can be paid for, within the guidelines of CPS.

IV.            Committee Reports :  **Written Communiques Also Available for some Committees**

a.       Communications (Cynthia Horth): Try to sign up for eNews.

b.      School Climate: (from Paula Florell): at next PTA meeting, someone will address Options for Knowledge for middle-school. Ray is a Great Option.

c.       Partnerships (Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis): None

d.      CIWP (Kara Scott): None

e.      Budget (Kara Scott): None

f.        PPLC (Jenny Wejman). We brought students’ Writing Samples. At our next meeting, we will work on how to Grade the writing. We are intersted in having a Tech Committee because there is a lot of digital possibilities but we need help to work out the glitches in our computers. It looks like someone from CUIP can now help us.

g.       Facilities (Christopher Allen, absent). David: Met with Chris about snow-blowing. There are a few things: 1. Snowblower is getting fixed and should last this year. 2) There is an overnight cleaning crew. They are supposed to plow if the snow falls overnight, but sometime they don’t. 3) Looking for weekend and overnight plans.

Fran: Can we get snowblower use from the building close by or Jack Spicer for use by Parent Volunteers?

We could also call the Network Chief (Gerald Washington) to pressure Aramark to do the overnight snow plowing work.

Mosea: Is their specification on what is covered by the Aramark contract?

Megan: We are still getting the contract. We could also pay someone from Internal Accounts if we need to.

h.      Gardening (Andy Carter). We are watering perennials.

i.         Safety & Security (David Adams). Talking to Ms. Breit on having honors students help with the Kiss-N-Go in the morning.

V.            Opportunity for Public Comment*

Are you familiar with Literary Companies? Read It Up Chicago is one group. They are trying to get books into students’ hands.

Thoughts on helping financially the partnerships after-school programs, If there is 30% free and reduced lunch, can we make it 30% of scholarships for afterschool programs?

Megan (parent): Even $5/ session is too much. It is hard to limit it to that.

VI.            Approve Previous Minutes – Tabled to next meeting.

VII.            Adjourn. At 7:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott

Approved: November 12, 2015

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