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Minutes- July 10, 2015 Organizational Meeting

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Organizational Meeting, 2015-2016 School Year

Minutes for Thursday, July 10th, 8:00 am in the Ray cafeteria

  1. Call to Order & Roll Call/ establish quorum (7). Meeting began at 8:00am. Attendees: Jenny Wejman, Andy Carter, Silvia Ellis-Arbelaez, Ramona Burress, Fran Hoffman, Scott Shurtliff, Kara Scott, Cynthia Horth, Megan Thole (arrived at 8:10a). Total 8 (Quorum met). Absent: Eleni Lemberis, Chris Allen.

  2. Selection of temporary chairperson. Fran motioned to approve Silvia for Interim Chair and Kara as Interim Secretary. Kara Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (8).

  3. Selection of temporary secretary. See above.

  4. Approve Agenda. Scott motioned to approve agenda. Andy Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (8). Megan came in (Total 9).

  5. Vote to fill LSC parent representative position. Scott motioned for Mosea Harris to fill the open Parent Position. Ramona Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9)
  6. Nominations and selection of chairperson (note: nominated chairperson leads the rest of the meeting). Scott motioned Silvia to continue as chairperson. Andy seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9)

  7. Nominations and selection of secretary (note: nominated secretary takes over secretary duties). Andy motioned Kara as Secretary. Fran Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9).
  8. Nominations and selection of vice chair (optional). Silvia Motioned Ramona as Vice-Chair. Andy Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9).
  9. Vote to set the dates, time, and location of the regular monthly meetings for a period of one year.

Dates (second Thursday of the month) at 6:15pm. Andy motioned to approve the dates of August 13, September 10, October 8, November 12, December 10, January 14, February 11, March 10, April 14, May 12 and June 9. Ramona Seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9).

Kara: Motioned to move the August 13 date to July 31 at 8am. Jenny seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9).

  1. Vote on a motion to confirm subcommittees.  Subcommittees include: Bylaws (Ramona), Budget (Kara), CIWP (Kara), School Climate (Cynthia), Communications (Cynthia), Partnership (Silvia), Gardening (Cynthia), Safety & Security (David). Cynthia motioned that the above are the LSC representative on the subcommittees. Andy seconded. Vote in Favor: Unanimous (9)
  2. Opportunity for Public Comment*

Ken Newman: Based on CPS Budget, Sports has been cut. I hope Ray continues to have sports. I’d like to start CAC sports league, especially if there is no money for busing. JPAC’s next meeting is Monday at 6:30pm at the Iowa Building.

Gordon: I came for support.

Fran: We may need to a special meeting in order to galvanize the community.

Megan: The next meeting is important as we’ll have the budget and can see about the positions that are open at Ray.

Kara: Don Willard’s heath is declining. Silvia: I can see about getting a food train for them.

  1. Adjourn at 8:36am.

Respectfully submitted,

Kara Scott (Approved November 12, 2015)

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