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Minutes- Apr 13, 2015 LSC

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Minutes- Apr 13, 2015 LSC _Resched

Minutes: Monday, April 13, 2015, 6:15pm, Ray Cafeteria (Rescheduled from April 2)

  1. Call to Order & Roll Call: Started at 6:22pm. Present: Megan Thole, Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis, Sharon Burgin, Andy Carter, Cynthia Horth, Kara Scott, Jenny Wejman. Absent: Christopher Allen, Fran Grossman, Eleni Lemberis. Members Present: 7 and Quorum met.

  2. Approve Agenda

Change the Agenda by moving the vote on Budget Items to after Principal’s Report in Section VIIa (from VIII). Also, add as the new VIII → talk about Honor Roll and Attendance Parties. Andy Motioned; Cynthia Seconded. Vote: All in favor (Unanimous).

  1. Welcome and Public Comment* None.

  2. New Business
    1. Vote to fill vacant LSC Parent Representative positions

Silvia: These are the scenarios: a. Scott Shurtliff and Ramona Buress; b. Scott Shurtliff and Rachel Rhodes; and c. Ramona Buress and Rachel Rhodes.

Strawpoll for the scenarios. A: 4; b: 1 (AC); c: 1 (JW); Abstaining (1 – MT).

Andy: Moves that we vote in Scott S and Ramona B as parent reps. Jenny Seconds. Vote: Unanimous in Favor.

  1. Vote to elect permanent LSC Chair. Andy nominates Silvia; Jenny Seconds.

Silvia: I will look to delegate important topics that we do not have to decide on to the committees to look into and discuss. Then we do not discuss over and over some important items.

Sharon: Gordon recommended to talk one-on-one to members on an important vote ahead of the meeting. Vote: All in Favor (Unanimous).

  1. Vote to elect Interim By-Laws Committee Chair

Silvia: I want to make a plug to take this training and also the OMA rep training. The OMA training is required for all members but the OMA chair needs to take the training annually. It was very good to take. TABLE THIS VOTE (wait until the 2 new parent reps join).

  1. Summary on Principal Evaluation Process and vote on timeline (if necessary)

Chapter 5 of Reference Guide. We will need to complete the evaluation and vote on it in our May meeting. Motion: to postpone the principal evaluation form until our May meeting.

Kara moves; Andy Seconds. Vote: All in favor (Unanimous)

  1. Old Business : Discuss meeting with PTA board on holding future joint-day LSC/PTA meetings

Silvia: We met with the PTA to discuss the possibility of having joint meetings.

Jean Clement (teacher): I am in favor for this kind of meeting. We could also try it for 3 meetings. Cynthia: I think there was a bit of confusion of whether it was a merged meeting or a consecutive meeting. Also as we discussed the last few meetings of the year, the agenda was pretty set for the PTA. We will meet in July to coordinate meetings for the next school year. Megan: I’ve been at schools that do this and you get a bigger crowd. It was largely successful.

  1. Opportunity for Public Comment* (None)
  2. Committee Reports : **Written Communiques Also Available for some Committees**
    1. Principal’s Report (Megan Thole):

Budget items are on page 4:

Expenditures: #1, 2, 3. Jenny motions, Kara Seconds. Vote: All in favor (Unanimous).

Transfers: #4, 5, 6. Andy moved, Jenny Seconds: Vote all in favor (Unanimous)

Outstanding Approvals: #7. Andy moved, Megan Seconds; Vote all in favor (Unanimous)

Position Updates: #8, 9. Jenny moved, Jenny Second. Vote: All in favor (Unanimous)

Position Updates #10 (Tabled).

Silvia: How can we announce Playworks? Megan: I can send the info out.

  1. Communications (Cynthia Horth) Nothing to report.
  2. School Climate. Megan can speak: April 25 is the next Parent Room workday.
  3. Partnerships (Silvia Arbelaez-Ellis). We have a comprehensive activities schedule.
  4. CIWP (Kara Scott). Nothing to report.
  5. Budget (Kara Scott). Next meeting is April 22.
  6. PPLC (Jenny Wejman). Discussed Vision Statement from Anne Renna. Looks really good. The first sentence really sounds like Ray.
  7. Facilities (Christopher Allen). None
  8. Gardening (Andy Carter). Successful day last Saturday, planting roses in Amanda’s Garden. Tomorrow, Ms. Garcia will start Gardening Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays. April 30, we will plant trees through the Openland Grant. Next Garden committee, April 29, Wednesday 1:45 – 2:45pm at Ms. Garcia’s room.
  9. Safety & Security (David Adams). None
  • Vote on Budget Items (if necessary) – moved to Principal Report
  • VIII. Added: Rewards System for Honor Roll and Attendance. Students were acknowledged with a certificate and the Student Board participates in this.

    Cynthia: I am concerned about this with diverse learners and English learners, I researched the id ea of a reward system for learning. Megan and I agreed that we need to make learning intrinsic. I suggest that we change the A and B sections to show other ways of learning (like “most improved”). The Honor Roll is placed at the top of the stairwell. It is the first thing we see when we walk up. So we are using this as an identity of the school.

    Sharjon: In Lenart, there was an award ceremony at the end of the year and every student got a reward (at least one certificate). There are 2 sides. There are some kids who won’t get on the honor roll; there are some kids who are always on it; and there are kids who work really hard to get on the honor roll.

    Jenny: Yes – this year it was very hard because the way CPS uses grades. It makes it hard for the teacher to know the grade.

    Silvia: I think there are so many ways to make suggestions on how to help students. But this is about Recognition and sometimes it works.

    Cynthia: Points from Parents: that 1st and 2nd is too young for the use of this board.

    Andy: These are deep philosophical arguments. The use of reward and punishment can be a great motivator. In the New York Times, there was a recent article on success schools, there are toys to help motivate the kids. The schools concentrate on results only…not on the process of learning.

    1. Opportunity for Public Comment* *Each member of the public that wishes to speak is asked to do so within 2 minutes or less.
    2. Approve Previous Minutes: TABLED.
    3. Adjourn. Sharon motioned. Andy Seconds. All in favor (Unanimous). Meeting ended at 7:50pm.

      Approved June 15, 2015

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