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Minutes May 6, 2014

William H. Ray Elementary

LSC Meeting Minutes


APPROVED 2014-07-07


Roll Call – Present


Bill Schmidt

Kirsten Esterly

Dr. Antonia Hill

Gordon Mayer

Patrick Brutus

Tim May

Amy Levine

Gabriel Sheridan

Don Willard

Matthew Christian


Roll Call – Absent


Alysia Tate


Approval of Agenda


PB/DW moved seconded. All voted in favor.


Approval of Minutes


Patrick Brutus moved and Kirsten Esterly seconded approval of the March 13, 2014 minutes. Vote was 9 in favor, 0 against, with 2 abstaining.


Bill Schmidt moved and Tim May seconded approval of the April 8, 2014 minutes. Vote was 9 in favor, 0 against, with 2 abstaining.


Budget Report


Antonia Hill: 2014-15 proposed budget summary. Blue and white sheet.


Comparing 2014 and 2015, 2.5 million 2014. In 2015 648 students, 2.9 million.


After positions currently have been deducted, $232,000 remains plus $185,353 plus ELL 4,697, for 422,651 total.


So last year had $318,000, then got an additional $100k plus $237k that we were “held harmless” for. So we received an additional 600k last year. This year only have $422k to spend.


There are 2 things we are mandated to have: additional art position (122 minutes of art) and 90 min of physical education. Any school more than 350 students has to have these additional teachers in those two subjects. So have to budget for those two positions.


We have applied for a grant to pay for the art position. Also next year we will have an 8th grade program with new classroom teachers. That comes to 6 teachers total that Ray needs.


Kirsten Esterly: Would like to minimize what we have to do to fund these required positions. Want to look into position sharing with other schools. PE position, can look for that. Or look for teacher certified in more than one thing. Need to stretch out and do some creative budgeting.


Maybe reducing library to 0.5 FTE. So we have some big decisions to make. Budget due May 14. Will need a special LSC meeting to finalize and approve that budget.


Gordon Mayer: Planned to meet Monday May 12, probably after school.


A special LSC meeting was set for Monday May 12 at 5 pm.


Don Willard: Anyone with creative ideas about funding or grants should speak up.


Alex Fleece: Consultant office social emotional learning. Have been working with Ray and 3 other neighborhood schools on what their social/emotional framework looks like and making sure there is a behavioral plan. PBIS – how building relationships and pro-social behavioral skills, addressing bullying too. Concern about incentive/reward, but not that. Actually is acknowledging. Academics/behavior influence each other. Work in school, at home, in community. One student sent to office ties up administrator for 45 minutes, plus 15 for student and 5-10 for teachers. CHAMPS and PBIS work well together. MTSS (multi-tiered system of support) rollout is coming from CPS. PBIS is a big part of that. Successful in many neighborhood schools.


Gordon Mayer: Are you working with the teachers?


Alex Fleece: Yes, working with team members who then talk with faculty as a whole. Ideally would like to have a community member and a parent on this team. Little subset of LSC that addresses behavior and pro-social skills.


Gabriel Sheridan: This is something that is going to be sustainable, not just come and go.


Alex Fleece: Common core does not replace social/emotional learning standards. This has to be satisfied for Illinois schools.


Public Comment


There was no public comment at this time.


Principal Candidate Short Presentations


Gordon Mayer: Acknowledged the work of the Principal Selection Committee.


Tim May: Introduced Dr. Hill first.


Dr. Antonia Hill went first, followed by the other candidates. Each spoke for approximately 3 minutes.


Gordon Mayer: thanked Mr. Peters and Mr. Pruitt from the network for being here.


Principal Selection Process Next Steps


Tim May: Where we are in the process: You saw 18 candidates come tonight. 2 could not make it. 1 withdrew, other had schedule conflict.


Principal Selection Committee will meet tomorrow to decide what the smaller number of candidates will be for moving to the next stage.


Committee has been working very hard, has a rubric worked out.


Public Comment


Teneeka Jones-Gueye: When will the final decision be made?


Tim May: 5/20 is the date when we have to have the information to the LSC so they can submit it.


Sasha Schmidt: Is the person who could not come tonight out of the race?


Tim May: We still consider them based on the documentation they submitted.


Eric [?]: Have we established some basic criteria what we are looking for?


Tim May: Absolutely, we have pulled together a rubric based on surveys, other inputs.


Bill Schmidt: If people want to submit thoughts or comments on the candidates we’ve seen tonight, how can they do that?


Tim May: People can email me at TMay66@yahoo.com, with copy also to Paula Florell at PFlorell22@gmail.com. We will make sure comments get circulated to the entire committee.


Lisa Samra: Thanked the select committee for their hard work.




Gabriel Sheridan moved and Tim May seconded that we adjourn. Vote was unanimous in favor.


Meeting was adjourned 7:56 pm

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