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Minutes January 9, 2014

William H. Ray Elementary

LSC Meeting Minutes


APPROVED 2014-02-13

Meeting called to order approximately 6:10 PM

Roll Call – Present

Gordon Mayer

Don Willard

Gabriel Sheridan

Amy Levine

Tim May (Arrived 6:15 PM)

Bill Schmidt

Antonia Hill

Kirsten Esterly

Alysia Tate

Patrick Brutus (Arrived 6:30 PM)

Roll Call – Absent

Bruce Pickens

Matthew Christian (will come later?)

Approval of Agenda

Gabriel Sheridan moved and Kirsten Esterly seconded approval of the agenda. Vote was unanimous in favor.

Approval of Minutes

Matthew Christian has not yet provided minutes for the December 12 meeting.

Public Comment

There was no initial public comment.

Principal Report

There was no formal principal report because we have just come back from break.

Kirsten Esterly: What happened during the break? Staff were here.

Antonia Hill: Custodians maintained the building during the break. There is currently a problem with toilets in the building. The elevators are also out, with snow melting on the roof, water has been trapped in the elevator area. A technician came out today.

Renovations in the auditorium are also taking place now. Painting the ceiling and the side panels and the walls.


No money has been moved recently between accounts.

Some students have requested that a soccer team be formed.

In connection with the basketball teams (boys and girls), Mr. Doyle and Dr. Hill and the coach have been thinking about a possible fee structure for participating parents. Today there was a boys’ basketball game and that took 1 bus, which cost $185 per bus per game.

Gordon Mayer: pointed out that there was no budget committee meeting because of the arctic weather earlier in the week (school was closed both Monday and Tuesday). Discussion ensued about how and when these sports-related issues should be taken up by the budget committee.

Coaches are volunteers who get a small stipend. In the past, carpooling was used to get kids to and from games, but this is not in accord with CPS rules, so buses must be used.

There are 12 away games (6 for girls, 6 for boys). These are on different days.

There are 12 home games (6/6). These are on different days.

For away games, we must pay for buses, one per game.

For home games, we must pay for referees. 2 refs costs $30 each. 1 costs $35.

$2220 is for buses for the season.

Principal Evaluation [Nothing reported]

PTA Fundraisers [Nothing reported]

 PPLC Report

Nothing to report, did not meet.

Neighborhood Safety

Don Willard: Reported a concern, which is that a drop-off cannot be run if there is no lane in which to drop people off. For the past two days there has only been the one lane down Kimbark that is open. Buses stop and let the kids out and there is a tremendous backlog. We might be able to talk to the alderman about this in connection with rules that stipulate that a school must have a fire lane.

Various people pointed out that it is illegal for private companies to plow city streets, so that is not an option.

Gordon Mayer: Alderman Hairston’s next regular ward meeting is January 27, in the evening, probably somewhere south. 6 PM at Gary Comer College Prep.

Don Willard: Also noted that David Adams, chair of the safety committee, was hospitalized over the break and will not be able to do any lifting of traffic cones, etc. for some time.

Gardening and Beautification

This committee cancelled a meeting because of the snow. However, there is an organizational meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 4 PM in Chandra Garcia’s room. That will be an organizational meeting to try to figure out how to get more people involved in the gardening and beautification committee.

Gordon Mayer: Reminded committee chairmen that they now have the ability to post their meeting minutes directly to the LSC WordPress blog.

Bylaws [Nothing reported]


Nothing to report

Communication Committee [Nothing reported]


Ms. Francis is substituting in the front office for Colleen, who is supposed to return on Monday.

Gordon Mayer: The LSC election is April 7 and the deadline is February 19, a week or two after our next meeting.

People are also needed to be a judge of the election. One is paid to do this. You have to download paperwork and such to do this.

Public Comment

Agnes Robin & Daniel VanRossum: Some parents are still thinking about the surprise field trip and would be happy to contribute ideas for that.

Antonia Hill: Indicated that she mainly plans this type of field trip without making it too public (in order to make it a surprise).

Antonia Hill: I met with Agnes and we talked about it, and we met with Mr. McGehee. Over the break, Ms. Robin (Agnes) sent me a letter, which I will modify. It argues that students need recess, but the main point is that supervision is needed on colder days. The committee came up with a proposal, a plan, about what to do when there is indoor recess. This week, this was particularly difficult because the auditorium was not useable due to the remodeling. Various additional rooms have been suggested for use when indoor recess is held.

The idea presented by Daniel and Agnes (representing the group of parents who have discussed this) is to allow students who are properly dressed to go outside for recess when conditions would normally require that students stay indoors for indoor recess.

Tim May: Pointed out that this brings administrative overhead for the main office and the teachers.

Discussion continued for some time about these recess-related proposals. It was agreed that further discussion could occur informally after the meeting or by arrangement with Dr. Hill.

Patrick Brutus: Asked about the scope of work and timeline for the Auditorium rehabilitation.

Antonia Hill: This is work that should have happened when the chairs were re-done, but was delayed because of some disagreement between the contractor and CPS. The painting should be done by next Tuesday. This also affects our contract with the Church, which has been deprived of the auditorium during this work.


Bill Schmidt moved and Alysia Tate seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Vote was unanimous in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM.

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