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Minutes November 19, 2013

William H. Ray Elementary

LSC Meeting Minutes


APPROVED 2013-12-12


I. Call to order & Roll call


The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.



Kirsten Easterly

Gabriel Sheridan

Bruce Pickens

Don Willard

Alysia Tate

Dr. Hill



Gordon Mayer

Bill Schmidt

Matthew Christian

Patrick Brutus

Tim May

Amy Levine


As no quorum was present, minutes from the last meeting could not be approved.


II. Public comment


Discussion of Ms. Cobb’s departure, her position and her math lesson plans. School had very short notice of her departure and anticipates finding a replacement by January. A substitute teacher, Mr. Armstrong, is in place.


III. Principal’s Report


As presented. Highlights included:

  • Audit of bilingual position
  • Camp Duncan trip was successful
  • Community garden day successful
  • Thanks to PTA for Hispanic heritage month activities.
  • Attendance statistics. Staff presence is important for school to succeed. 97 total staff absences during the month of October. 34 to date in November, must continue to approve. Does not include personal development days.
  • After school program working well, as Bruce Pickens noted.
  • Assistant principal, Lisa Campbell, will be leaving to join the network 12/2. Dr. Hill has not met the new network chief, Harrison Peters, yet, and is uncertain about the process for filling the position (as an interim principal, she does not have that ability).
  • Discussion of Common Core. Network has not offered any PD for staff, but some staff have received some training and can help play a leadership role. Will mean changes to teaching practices, consideration and changes to standardized (ISAT) tests.


IV. Budget

No discussion, no action could be taken.


V. Approve revised bylaws

No discussion, no action could be taken.


VI. Executive session

No executive session.


VII. Other and additional public comment


PPLC (Professional personnel leadership committee) met today and will present notes at next LSC meeting. Teachers looking for more training about response to intervention (RTI). Will recommend a purchase for LSC consideration at the next meeting.


Discussion about whether LSC committees present reports at our meetings or not.

Committee chairs can be more thoughtful about what information to share, rather than recount the whole report, recommending key items be placed on the larger LSC agenda in advance.


Additional discussion on staff leadership of common core. Dr. Hill recommends having an instructional leadership team (ILT) in addition to a PPLC (elected by staff), staff did not support this (union has recommended no ILT so as not to usurp PPLC role). Discussion of outside vendors who have done PD with teachers; teacher teams would benefit from more time for this. Time limitations are difficult for all staff. Lead teachers for grade levels play an important role. Teachers are already spending time outside school hours on training, etc.


Additional discussion of PPLC and ILT, how they may be able to work together or how PPLC could be better utilized by the principal.


Additional questions/comments:

Standardized tests:

School can opt out of some standardized tests but not others, which are important in terms of accountability. As a parent, you can opt out of most, but may affect services that could be provided to students who need them. Reasons for each test very confusing for parents.


Enrichment subcommittee:

Confusion about its role and the ideas that were suggested but did not come to fruition. Clarification that this group was informing the CIWP committee and members should contact CIWP committee chair Patrick Brutus and attend its meetings. Additional clarification of the difference between these ideas and the after school programming supported by the board.


Safety committee:

Committee has been meeting, will set up drop and go lanes by 12/9 on 56th and 57th streets at Kimbark (not on Kimbark, except pre-k) marked by cones and wooden horses. Will ask University of Chicago officers to participate, at least initially (or Chicago police), and will begin communications with parents 12/2. Will deter parents from driving into parking lot, double parking, or driving on the wrong side of the street. Will enlist parent volunteers. Get crossing guards to help; 7th graders may be enlisted.


LSC elections:

LSC elections are approaching; applications are due in February. Information will be in the main office.



VIII. Adjourn


The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.


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