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Ray Communications Committee Minutes February 26, 2013

Ray LSC Communications Committee

February 26, 2013


Room 205


1. Roll call Present: Kirsten Esterly, Joy Clendenning, Bill Schmidt, Sarah Conning; Excused: TeNeka Jones and Alysia Tate

2. Approve agenda Approved

3. Approve January minutes Approved as amended in bullet point 2 to change “…tone of […]

Ray Communications Committee Minutes January 30, 2013

Ray Elementary Local School Council

Communications Committee

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ray School room 205


Present: TeeNeka Jones-Gueye (parent), Kirsten Esterly (parent, e-news), Joy Clendenning (LSC parent rep., chair), Bill Schmidt (LSC parent rep)

Excused: Alysia Tate (LSC community rep)

7:50 am convened meeting

The […]

Ray CIWP Committee Minutes March 5, 2013

Ray Elementary School

CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan)

Committee of the Local School Council

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 5, 2013


Betsy Benito

Joy Clendenning

Sacha Schmidt

Gabriel Sheridan

Alysia Tate

Don Willard

1. Call to Order