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School Improvement Plan and Budget

The SIPAAA is the School Improvement Plan to Advance Academic Achievement. It is a two-year strategic plan spelling out goals and vision for the school and it is tied closely to a two-year budget that is developed at the same time. We’re currently working on the School Improvement Plan and Budget that will cover the […]

Minutes from Ray LSC, 12-14-11

Call to Order & Roll Call

Meeting called to oreder at 8:10. Present were:

Amy Levine, Bill Schmidt, Crystal Watson, Gabriel Sheridan, Gordon Mayer, Julie Vassilatos, Ken Schug, Kirk Bagrowski, Ralph Mirro, Tatia Beckwith, Tim May

Agenda Ken Schug moved we approve the agenda. Tim May seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Tim moved […]

CPS to set new facility standards

If you’ve ever wondered why some Chicago Public Schools are designed one way while others have a completely different layout, or what the policy is on air conditioning in the school, you may want to look at new standards the school system wants to implement later this year.

On August 22, 2011, Governor Quinn signed […]