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Minutes from Ray LSC, 11-9-11

Call to order and Roll Call

Crystal Watson called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Present were: Ken Schug, Kirk Bagrowski, Tim May, Alexis Upshaw, Bill Schmidt, Crystal Watson, Gordon Mayer, Julie Vassilatos, Tatia Beckwith, Ralph Mirro, Gabriel Sheridan, Amy Levine. Bill Schmidt was absent.

Vote to approve agenda

Tim May moved we approve the agenda. Ralph seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Vote to approve minutes from October 12

Tim moved we approve the minutes. Alexis seconded. Motion carried 9 yes, 1 abstention.

Vote to apply for LSC funds from Board of Ed

Crystal explained we could apply for $200 in support for food, training, and/or parking and travel funds. We voted to apply for the funds with the sense that we would primarily spend it on food – which might bring more folks out to our meetings! Tim moved we apply for the funds; Kirk seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Principal’s Report: Dr. Beckwith presented a written report for members prior to the meeting (attached).

She also reported we had a power outage along with the rest of the neighborhood today from about 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Computers, phones, and lunch were disrupted, otherwise learning went on as normal. She gave a big thank you to teachers, who gave up their personal time to help manage the serving of lunch after the power went back on.

CPS provided cheese sandwiches for kids who normally have hot lunch and later on hot lunch was served in classrooms after power was restored.

Ralph added that the wind had apparently knocked two wires together, and that and a downed line nearby kept Com Ed busy for a while, which resulted in the loss of power and delay in getting it restored.

Gabriel asked about the art room, which has been cleaned up. There was some discussion about ordering supplies for arts room. Dr. Beckwith said it will continue as a storage area for now. The PTA is being contacted about ordering additional supplies.

Also on tap is to replenish and replace old computers—the technology committee has put forward a proposal to do so, which is currently under review.

Tim suggested his wife could be helpful coordinating U of C students who want to come volunteer at the school.

Tim May moved we accept the principal’s report. Julie Vassilatos seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Bylaws Committee: Julie reported she has finished a new draft of the bylaws and distributed copies. The main change is with committees. She asked that we bring it up for vote at next meeting.

Communications Committee: We discussed what would be the function and role of the communications committee. So far Kirsten, Gordon, Tim, Lisa want to be involved.

Vision committees: Crystal asked for volunteers on the vision committees that Tatia has established, noting that they meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Members volunteered as follows:

  • Math and science: Julie Vassilatos, Crystal Watson
  • Language Arts: Alexis Upshaw
  • Social Sciences: Gordon Mayer
  • Technology: Gabriel Sheridan, Tim May
  • Wellness/phys ed: Kirk Bagrowski
  • Environmental: Amy Olefsky is chair. Ralph Mirro
  • Beautification committee: TBD
  • Fine arts: currently open (but Gabriel Sheridan expressed willingness to be liaison when a chair is found)

Kickoff SIPAA process
Tentative SIPAAA kickoff is 8:30 a.m. Nov. 18, will meet with Leadership Committee after that—agenda will be available Tuesday before the Friday.


We agreed that we would like further training on the CPS budget process and the LSC’s role. We decided to request that Marcus Pittman or other CPS personnel come out for a budget training, with a tentative date set for 10 to noon at the school Saturday Dec. 3.

Public Comment

Joy Clendenning asked that the principal encourage a staff member to take on fine arts committee. She asked about the SIPAA process and how it guides the school. Lisa Samra asked clarifying questions about the role of the communications committee overall. Bill Epps suggested a possible class parent system with phone tree as another way to disseminate messages. He raised the issue of kids walking through the parking lot to get to the east side of the school, which is a safety issue, and that 2 trees on kimbark side need to be trimmed. Also offered compliments on Principal and Assistant principal being out and about with the coffee and also after school. There was good input and comment on the inclement weather letter.


Tim moved we adjourn at 8:15 pm.; Julie seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

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