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Minutes from Ray LSC 10-12-11

Roll call

Crystal Watson called the meeting to order at 8:10. Also present were: Bill Schmidt, Gordon Mayer, Julie Vassilatos, Tatia Beckwith, Ralph Mirro and our new soon to be official teacher reps, Gabriel Sheridan and Amy Levine.  Absent were: Ken Schug, Alexis Upshaw.

Vote to approve agenda

Julie Vassilatos moved we approve the agenda with no changes. Bill Schmidt seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

 Vote to approve minutes from September 14

Julie Vassilatos moved we approve the minutes. Bill Schmidt seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

 New members

Crystal Watson asked candidates for community and parent slots who were present to introduce themselves and describe their interest in the position.

Parent candidate Joy Clendenning spoke briefly of her interest and longtime commitment to Ray (2 of her children are grads and 2 more are currently in the school). Parent Tim May, himself a Ray alum, was unable to be present but sent a detailed letter and resume outlining his qualifications and interest.

Community rep candidate Kirk Bagrowski, has a 14-month-old who he expects will attend Ray. He is an attorney with a practice in Hammond, Ind.

Bill Schmidt moved we go into executive session to discuss the candidates. Julie Vassilatos seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. After ending the executive session, the LSC voted 4 to 2 in favor of Tim May for LSC parent representative and 6-0 for Kirk Bagrowski as community rep.


Tatia Beckwith provided a written report (attached) and further details on committees. She said one question that has come up is whether our assemblies are integrated into our visions and maintaining high standards and expectations. The leadership team has a first draft of a yearlong calendar for professional development. Chandra Garcia is working with 197 students for RTI.

The school had to cover Mr. Bui’s salary for a week due to our enrollment numbers dipping temporarily but the problem has been resolved. Currently we are at 646 students not counting preschools. We discussed the CPS formulas for determining how many teachers the system will support, and the problems these can present.

The PTA-sponsored Hyde Park Art Center art program has begun, and parent volunteering is going well. Some bullying issues have come up, are being handled by the administration. The first coffee for 5th and 6th grade parents was successful, next will be one for 3rd and 4th grade parents on 11/10. Tatia also would like to call for a communication committee—Gordon Mayer and Kirsten Esterly have so far indicated interest in participating.

We set as a goal to establish the SIPAA committee at the next meeting, which will work well as Nov. 18 is a staff development day, on which Tatia would like to start the faculty engagement on the SIPAA plan.

Public Comment

Cherrie Turner raised some questions about security and wondered if it would be possible for the kindergarteners to line up on the north playground as in the past. She also wondered about how admission and dismissal will be handled in upcoming cold and rainy weather, and suggested a note be sent home about this topic. Gordon Mayer committed to getting that letter out within 10 days to two weeks.

Shoshana (missed the last name!) raised some questions about improving the student-teacher ratio in 4th grade—Tatia responded 2 half time teachers will be coming to the school to help address this issue. There were also comments about having our school security guard re-positioned closer to the front door and some additional questions about volunteering during brain boost time, security at recess and more.

Gordon Mayer moved we adjourn the meeting. Ralph Mirro seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

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