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Minutes from March 25, 2011 special meeting to review PSC decisions

8 am 3-25-2011 in the Teachers Loung

Meeting called to order 8:15

Roll Call

Present: Julie Vassilatos; Crystal Watson; Alexis Upshaw; Gordon Mayer; Karen Macklin; Bill Schmidt; Maria Piscitelli; Will Walter; Ken Schug; Ralph Mirro. Absent: Bernadette Butler.

Approve Agenda

Julie approved agenda; Crystal seconded, motion carried unanimously.

Vote to approve Principal Selection Committee recommendations

The PSC voted to approve 8 candidates selected by the PSC for first-round interviews. They also voted to give our assistant principal, who is a candidate, the option to skip the first round and go directly to the second round of interviews.

The PSC has tentatively set for the first round of interviews to take place Saturday, April 2, 1-5 p.m.

Due to Festival the PSC will meet at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 30 next week and our next LSC meeting will take place at 8 a.m. next Thursday, March 31.

Julie and others suggested that 1 to 5 did not allow enough time – for breaks between interviews, for example – and it was suggested the LSC extend the time allotted by at least an hour, from noon to 5.

Several members wondered if it was appropriate to have Ms. Onofrio skip straight to the second round. Ms. Onofrio, who was present was asked to comment, and said she would be happy to do whatever the PSC thought best.

We reiterated that LSC members who are not on the PSC are welcome to attend any all PSC meetings including the interviews. Julie and Ken asked if they could see the resumes received so far; upon signing of a non-disclosure form provided by Karen, Gordon emailed them the resumes.

It was made clear that all PSC and LSC members who want to come are welcome at the interviews.

Bill Schmidt motioned to approve the selections of the PSC for round one interviews. Crystal Watson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


In order to keep various folks up to date on our progress, we decided to approve the minutes from our meetings on a weekly basis—next week we will approve minutes from our March regular meeting as well as these minutes.

Next meeting

8 a.m., Thursday 3/31 in the teacher’s lounge.

Public Comment

Leslie Travis requested that the PSC be sure to move the tables back the way they were after it wraps up its weekly meetings in the library.


At 8:40, Julie Vassilatos moved we adjourn. Gordon Mayer seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

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