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Congrats to Alexis Upshaw, new Community Rep sought

approximate ray attendance area (source CPS Website)

Congratulations and thanks to Alexis Upshaw, our new parent rep!

We’re also looking for one new community rep to replace recently retired rep Angela Walker Williams. Key LSC responsibilities are overseeing the school budget and evaluating the principal.

If you know someone who is not a […]

Principal Evaluation Discussion (Executive Session) 10-25-10

Draft Agenda for our principal evaluation meeting


Special Closed Meeting

6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25 in the teacher’s lounge

Draft Agenda:

I. Call to order

II. Roll Call

III. Vote to go into closed session to review principal evaluation criteria and discuss evaluation committee

IV. Closed Session

V. Adjourn

Minutes from July 29, 2010 meeting

Approved Oct. 4

Ray LSC 2010-11 Minutes

Monday, July 26 in the cafeteria

Call to order

Meeting called to order 6:40 p.m. by Karen Macklin. Present: Bernadette Butler; Chris Dorsey; Karen Macklin; Ken Schug; Gordon Mayer; Julie Vassilatos; Crystal Watson. First absence: Ray Lodato; Maria Piscitelli; Angela Walker; Will Walter.

Approve agenda

Motion to add […]