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June 2009 meeting minutes

Minutes of Ray Local School Council Meeting
June 8, 2009
Staff Lounge

In attendance: Bernadette Butler, Heather Edelman, Ray Lodato, Sean Murphy (arrived 8:09) , David Myles, Ken Schug, Willie Walter, Jennifer Washington. Absent: Blake Davis, Angela Williams-Walker.

1. Call to order
Ray Lodato called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

2. Approval of agenda
On a motion by D. Myles (second: H. Edelman) the LSC approved the agenda.

3. Approval of minutes
On a motion by J. Washington (second: D. Myles) the LSC approved the minutes of May 11 and June 2.

4. Principal’s report (see attached)
ESL teacher – Principal Butler reported there is a possibility the ESL position will be restored to full-time for next year. If not, the teacher will be assigned to a classroom position because she is a valuable asset to the school.

Lottery – The school is calling some children who are on the wait list for Kindergarten, while saving some spots for neighborhood children. The school must report by the end of June how many spots are available for NCLB students.

Summer camp – Summer camp at the school, organized by Children’s Home and Aid,  will start June 15 and last two weeks. The 60 slots in the camp were filled in one hour.

5. Subcommittee reports
*Facilities (see attached) – D. Myles reported the peeling paint repair job has been awarded. Work will start on the third floor.
*Vision and Priorities – no report
*Principal evaluation – The process is almost finished.
*SIPAAA/Budget – no report
*PPLC – Teachers will work over the summer to implement some of the committee’s ideas.
*Special education – no report
*Bilingual education – no report
*Technology – Discussion with Sun is ongoing. Ralph will be the facilities project manager. Ms. Sheridan will be the point person for teachers.

6. Old Business – none

7. New Business
R. Lodato and B. Butler expressed the gratitude of the LSC and the school for the extraordinary service of J. Washington, D. Myles and Sean Murphy as members of the LSC and school volunteers.

8. Move to adjourn
On a motion by H. Edelman (second: S. Murphy) the LSC voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 a.m.

Submitted by H. Edelman

Wm. H. Ray Elementary School

5631 South Kimbark
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Principal’s Report to the Local School Council
June 8, 2009

Teachers have finalized their class lists for next year.  Now administration will review to make sure that classes are balanced by race, gender, ability and adjustment.  We are still struggling to service special needs students in the least restrictive environment with the amount of personnel scheduled for next year.  Parents will learn of room numbers and teachers either through the mail this summer or on the first day of school.
Curriculum Teams
Curriculum teams have been asked to do and final evaluation of their directives and goals for this school year.  We will use this information to plan calendars and activities for next year.
SAT 10 scores have been released and parents have been notified of students needing to go to summer school.  Summer school is taking place at students’ home schools. The actual number of students having to go to bridge is approximately the same as last year.

Waiting List
We are beginning to call students off the waiting list for kindergarten but we are proceeding cautiously while we enroll neighborhood students.  Class lists are in process for all three rooms.

Events and Celebrations
Chicago Children’s Choir performance at Ray
Honor’s Assembly
Appreciation Luncheon for PTA Board and other outstanding longtime volunteers
Talent Show
Latin Gala
After School Showcase

Upcoming Events
Ray School Music Festival
Children’s Home and Aid Summer Camp
All School Picnic is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon
Farewell Luncheon is planned for Mr. Salvato, who is retiring on Thursday, at noon.  Many former employees are invited to attend.
In a previous report I stated that $1000 would be given to Ray School on behalf of Allstate Insurance. The giant replica of the check was presented at the Awards Assembly.

Discipline Report
Budget Report and Internal Accounts report were given at last meeting on June 2
We did receive $500 from Chicago Children’s Choir for rental of our space.

Facilities & Safety Committee
June 4, 2009

Present: Bernadette Butler, Ralph Mirro, Star Breit, Therese Wasik, Marcy, Gabriel Sheridan and David Myles.

Committee Members treated the group with a lite breakfast as this was the Chair’s last official meeting as well as the last meeting for the school year.  The Chair greatly appreciated this gesture!

•    Floor tiles in corridors – Ralph and Ms Butler sent letter to go to the head of the CPD Facilities Department who had not received it as of June 4th.  John Cooke will try to locate this letter.

•    Peeling paint –.  Facility Department has funded the $239,000 and issued an Award to AMW Corp.  Facilities awaiting for the contractor’s insurance and Performance Bond. ☺

•    UPS back up system – No up-dated information at this time.

•    School cleaning concerns – School looking better.  Light in Teacher’s 2nd Floor restroom will be changed/brightened.

•    Technology/Equipment – LSC has acted on the Sun Ray computer proposal.  Also investigating “white boards” being installed on existing slate caulk boards.

•    School Emergency Management Plan (EMP) – On-going – Another Drill planned for June 5th.

•    Sand box – Removed, gone. Base of sand remains and Ralph to call to see if asphalt patch can occur.  This should be a priority for next school year

•    Art Room – No discussion.

•    Parking Lot –Awaiting the delivery of a convex mirror.  David to have welder weld pole extension at alley corner pole. Locked gate from the parking lot to the open park area and received a few complaints

•    Landscaping –Several community volunteers who along with U of C students have begun to work the gardens this Spring/Summer.

•    Courtyard repairs – Have one proposal for $13,490 in ‘05.  Some volunteers discussed making some pavement repairs themselves but this work is not advisable.

•    Fluorescent light fixture lens covers are needed throughout old building.  Ralph has 3rd & 2nd floor survey and approximately $5,000 needed to fund replacement lens covers.

•    Window air conditioners – Prices ($32,235 in ‘05) obtained but there is a City moratorium on installing these window units in CPS properties.

57th Street Business Association – No update at this time. David sent note to Alderman’s office for 57th Street “bump-outs” and received no reply.  Will follow up.

Next Meeting:  September or October ?? 2009,  8:00 am


Minutes by:  David Myles

June 5, 2009

Ray School LSC Members,

After a lot of thought, I have decided to resign from the LSC, effective today, June 5, 2009. I regret leaving you with a vacancy, but I am confident it will be filled quickly in the fall. I look forward to taking part in the Sun Ray technology at Ray, as well as other changes coming about as a result of the partnership between the LSC and Ray School. Thank you for all you do for Ray.


Christine Lancaster

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