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October 2008 Minutes

Minutes of Ray Local School Council
October 15, 2008
Staff lounge

In attendance: Lee Barker, Bernadette Butler, Heather Edelman, Christine Lancaster, Ray Lodato, Sean Murphy, Ken Schug, Jennifer Washington, Angela Williams-Walker (arrived at 8:05 a.m.), David Myles (starting at 8:04 a.m.)

R. Lodato called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

Approval of agenda
On a motion by H. Edelman (second: S. Murphy) the LSC approved the agenda with an amendment to add a vote on filling the vacant parent representative position.

Approval of September minutes
On a motion by J. Washington (second: S. Murphy) the LSC approved the September minutes.

Filling the vacant parent representative position
On a motion by J. Washington (second: K. Schug) the LSC approved David Myles to fill the vacant parent representative position.

At 8:05 a.m. A. Williams-Walker joined the meeting.

Report from the Principal (see attached)
-Principal Butler reported that Ray students who participated in ISAT testing last year met goals for yearly progress.
-A Children’s Home and Aide site coordinator has been selected for Ray.
-The school is expected to lose a special education teacher position. An appeal is being submitted.
-Ray received a grade of B in a blitz facility inspection. Problem areas included the bathrooms, teacher lounges and locker tops. A follow-up inspection will occur next week.
-A Principal for a Day participant donated $1,000.
-The school received $135,000 in rollover money to the discretionary budget just this morning. Principal Butler asked the LSC to approve spending $10,000 for supplies, $4,000 for substitutes and $2,000 for extra hours for clerks. On a motion by B. Butler (second: J. Washington) the LSC approved using $10,000, $4,000 and $2,000 from the rollover money for supplies, subs and longer hours.

Class size and classroom management
Principal Butler explained that parents at the first-grade coffee hour expressed concern about class size. She said a follow-up meeting would be held in about a month.

Friends of Ray
A. Williams-Walker reported the PTA/FOR is legally in good standing. The two can operate separately. Her investigation of a possible separation will continue. B. Butler asked whether there are volunteers to operate the two separate organizations.

Subcommittee reports
Facilities: D. Myles reported that any work done on the peeling paint would likely be patch work. (See attached report.)

Technology: S. Murphy reported $12,000 would be needed this year to cover CUIP’s work at the school. CUIP is helping with an inventory of computers. Teachers are also completing a survey about what they have and want in their classrooms. The committee is considering the future environment at the school: which will likely include the lab, stations in each classroom, and terminals for administration and staff. Other questions being considered: Should there be a projector in every classroom? How many printers and copiers are needed and how do we get them?

Special education: Teacher Jan Schuitema reported that the loss of the special education teacher position would require reorganization of teachers’ and students’ schedules. Principal Butler said she would submit the appeal electronically.

Vision and Priorities: H. Edelman explained that K-3 teachers met and the majority of them expressed interest in a reading teacher to help grades K-2. Principal Butler approves the idea of hiring a reading teacher. The administrative team recommends funding half a position for the remainder of the year with $30,000 from the rollover money coming into the discretionary budget. Matching funds to cover a fulltime position could be gained through a fundraising drive. The PTA/FOR fundraising committee is working on a donation request letter.
Discussion on this issue included questions about how many students would be served and whether the teacher would be hired on a part-time level if fundraising did not gather enough money. Principal Butler will have to determine answers to those questions. Some LSC members asked to have input on the content of the letter.
On a motion by H. Edelman (second: C. Lancaster) the LSC approved the recommendation to use $30,000 toward hiring a reading teacher by January. Opposed: one.
At 9:06 J. Washington departed the meeting.
On a motion by H. Edelman (second: D. Myles) the LSC approved distributing a fundraising letter after review by members of the LSC and PTA/FOR. Opposed: two.

At 9:19 A. Williams-Walker departed the meeting.

The PTA meeting report was postponed.

New committees
SIPAAA/Budget: H. Edelman suggested the SIPAAA committee also consider budget issues. Discussion of possible expansion should be postponed until J. Washington, chair of the SIPAAA committee, is present.
Principal evaluation: R. Lodato asked LSC members to contact him if they are interested in participating in the committee.

Friends of Latin
Parents Joy Clendenning and Sharlene Holly presented the various fundraising activities planned for this year to support the Latin program for grades 2-6. Friends of Latin plans to sell mugs and stationery, sell raffle tickets and host a gala. On a motion by D. Myles (second: B. Butler) the LSC approved the Latin program fundraisers.

Discussion of PBIS was postponed to a future meeting.

B. Butler and C. Lancaster will discuss the PPLC outside the LSC meeting.

The LSC will continue to alternate meetings between mornings and evenings. The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 10, which is a non-attendance day for students and a professional development day for staff.

There was no old business to discuss.

New business
Parent Julie Coward is planning a taffy apple sale to raise money for the Science Fair. The LSC supports the sale.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Submitted by Heather Edelman

Ray Elementary School
Principal’s Report to the Local School Council
October 15, 2008 8:00 am
NCLB Accountability Summary
Ray School made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) by meeting our targets in every area.
Subgroups: Attendance Target: 90% Achieved 94.5; Reading/Math Target 62.5% Achieved:83.0/88.6
Community Schools
The community schools coordinator selection committee made up of three parents, two administrators, and two teachers interviewed finalists selected by Children’s Home and Aid Society administrators.  The committee selected our coordinator based upon appearance, communication skills, experience, knowledge of the Hyde Park community, ability to attain resources, and ability to work with a wide range of people.  The coordinator will join us at the next LSC meeting and will be part of the school’s administrative team.  The coordinator’s first duty will be to administer a needs assessment to the Ray School community.  I will put together an advisory team consisting of parents, community members, and teachers that will give input on the implementation of this program.  I am looking for people who represent a cross-section of our community, who will be active participants and who can provide the voice for their particular group.
We have received notification that we are losing a special education position. Specialized Services uses a formula to calculate the number of teachers allocated.  The special education team and administration are working to provide a justification for an appeal to the Department of Specialized Services. In order to continue inclusion as outlined in federal guidelines (Corey H.)we need this position.  Loss of the position means that some reorganization will need to take place.
Blitz Inspection
The annual blitz cleaning inspection was conducted on Tuesday, October 14.  We passed with a grade of B.  Though it was acknowledged that we cannot do anything about the peeling paint, we were cited anyway.  Our bathrooms were cited for not having a hand washing policy posted in both student and adult bathrooms and for not being sufficiently cleaned.  All of the teachers’ lounges were cited for dirty microwaves and refrigerators.  A second inspection will take place next week.
We received a check from Target for 243.00 for the month of September.  Target donates up to 1% of purchases when school supporters use their REDcards, Target, Visa or Target Check Card.
ING donated $1000 to Ray School to be used toward the purchase of an instructional position. Thank you,      Barbara Onofrio, for acquiring that for us.
Principal For a Day
Jason Hale form ING Financial advisors will be one of our Principals for a Day on October 30.
Internal Accounts
We have $148, 491.51 in our internal Accounts. (See enclosure)
We have 86,048.61 left in our discretionary funds. (See enclosure)

Facilities & Safety Committee
November 6, 2008

Present: Bernadette Butler, Star Breit, Gabriel Sheridan, Marcy Schlessinger, Therese Wasik, Amy Levine, Ralph Mirro, David Myles.

•    Missing floor tiles in corridors – 2nd and 3rd floor corridors complete.  Punch list work remains to be done including base, thresholds need to be installed where the tile surface meets the terrazzo. No movement: David will send letter to Wes O’Neal and Herm Gutierrez and cc Sean Murphy.

•    Peeling paint –Awarded (and funded) a work order for an environmental assessment of the peeling paint areas to be preformed by Mat-tec.  Assessment to include biddable scope for remediation.  No Movement: David will send letter to Wes O’Neal and Herm Gutierrez and cc Sean Murphy.

•    UPS back up system – No up-dated information at this time.

•    School cleaning concerns – Compliments mentioned about new temporary custodian cleaning areas around the building in good fashion.  Ralph will attempt to keep her at Ray. ☺ Rubber mats are available in lieu of area rugs in classrooms are in the main office to be distributed on a as needed/first come, first served basis.

•    Running Track –Ralph to Provide Ms. Perez with cleaning schedule.

•    Technology/Equipment – Survey by teachers on existing equipment is  underway.

•    Landscaping project –  Work preformed this season “okay” after rapport developed with Christy Webber’s landscape foreman.

•    School Emergency Management Plan (EMP) – the Drill plan and scheduled will soon be outlined by Ms Butler.

•    Annex building access – Access back into the school from the east playground through the annex building doors will be accomplished by the use of radios.  School security personnel will be primary “door opener” as building maintenance will assist if they are in the immediate area.  Ralph has ordered 3 radios.

•    Elevator pass key –pass key to operate elevator are with: Mr Lancaster, Ms McFarland, Security Desk and the principal, Ms. Butler.

•    Sand box – Toni Perez will be asked to lead a committee to investigate options.

•    Auditorium Seating –Work is currently underway to repair all of the broken seats/backs. ☺ We must insure that proper supervision is in place during inclement weather days to keep these chairs in good order.

•    Courtyard repairs – Have one proposal for $13,490 in ‘05.  Suggest that this committee look into making phased repairs over several years.

•    Fluorescent light fixture lens covers are needed throughout old building.  Ralph has 3rd & 2nd floor survey and approximately $5,000 needed to fund replacement lens covers.

•    Window air conditioners – Prices ($32,235 in ‘05) obtained but there is a City moratorium on installing these window units in CPS properties.

57th Street Business Association – No update at this time.

Next Meeting:  December 4th, 8:00 am

Summary by:  David Myles

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